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Found 35 results

  1. Hello, I am a 20 year old female. I have noticed that my hair is thinning a lot. I don't think I have any bald spots or anything like that but I'm worried thats going to start happening since it feels like i lose a lot of hair. i need some advice for treatments i can use to help my hair grow. thanks
  2. So I'm just barely starting a beauty related blog and I'm wondering what kind of cameras/apps people use to post beauty pics. I'm having problems having my makeup show up true to what I actually see if i look in the mirror. Anyone else recommend any good cameras/apps? I'm just using my iphone 5 camera and it's a total bummer to be totally in love with your eye makeup for the day and then have the picture look just meh
  3. Hi all I hope you can help me! I have naturally medium brown hair, but have been dying it for a few years, to cover grey hairs. I have been dying it dark brown. I decided a couple of months ago that my hair was getting too dark, and wanted to lighten it up a bit. My hair stylist told me that due to my hair being pre-coloured, the only way I could get a lighter effect, was to get highlights. What I really wanted was an overall lighter colour - medium brown, closer to my natural colour. The first time, the highlights were quite subtle, so it looked ok, though most of my hair was still very dark - so not quite what I wanted. The second time, the highlights have become way too light, and the faded dark hair is looking quite red. I need to fix this, but the only salon available to me has no appointments for the next two weeks, and I have a lot of greys coming in so I really want to do something about it as soon as possible. I'm thinking about doing an overall dye myself, but I'm not sure how the highlighted hair will react and I'm also not sure which colour to use now! I still really want a medium brown rather than dark brown. I hope this all makes sense - I know it's a bit of a long-winded post! Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
  4. Hey, So I am a fifteen year old girl, who really knows nothing about makeup. I have a little bit of it. I want to start wearing makeup, when ever I try to put foundation on it seems to look cakey, and you can see the pattern that I brushed it on with... I want to start a makeup youtube channel but need to actually learn first. Product reccomendations, anything for starting etc.? and if you want to recommend based on what I look like I can send/post a picture.
  5. Hey there girls, I need your help please. OK, so I have a real problem with bitting my nails, I mean a real problem. I'll bite until they bleed, I've done them so bad that they have bottom infected, gross I know. Anyway, I was wondering if you all have any tips or tricks or home remedies that aren't too expensive. I am sick of growing them out, then bitting them. I can't stand walking around and seeing other chicks perfect or better nails knowing that mine are so ugly and short. I recall would love to participate in the 30 Mani insperation nails thing, and I know that there would probably be other girls around who bite as well, at least I hope I'm not the only one. Thank you for any tips and comments, it will help me, and others too.
  6. Ugh, I've tried and tried to sign into my old MUT account without having to make an entirely new one. But here I am. I've tried resetting my password (entering the temporary one emailed to me) only to receive the same "incorrect password" error message. I'm not sure why there's not an option to contact support WITHOUT being signed in, it's a pretty frustrating problem for those who cannot sign in for whatever reason. Hence this temporary account. I've seen another post here from someone else who had the same problem, so it seems to be recurring to some extent - perhaps admins can set up some type of general support email address to prevent all these new accounts from being made and discarded? Just a thought Anyhow, all I want is the ability to sign in to my MUT account. Hopefully someone will be able to help me! MUT username: jewdiful Email associated with account: [email protected] Thanks in advance! Looking forward to getting this resolved soon.
  7. At MakeupTalk, we strive to make your stay here as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, this is why we have a dedicated developer team, but do not expect support from us under the following scenarios; Common unsupported scenarios: You are using an Beta web browser (we only support stable final releases as a rule). You are blocking Javascript with a browser extension like NoScript. You are using an ad-blocker, some features are intentionally broke or disabled with ad-blocking in place. You have not done a hard refresh of the site after major/minor changes (CTRL + F5 on most browsers). Clear your Browser Cache Other frequently asked questions; How do I change my display name? How can I filter off topic posts on MuT? The answer to those and many more questions like that are simple. Explore your "My Settings" panel here: http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/index.php?app=core&module=usercp I changed my email address and didn't get a validation mail! Look for @makeuptalk.com email in your spam/junk folder And finally... Use the Search, it's likely that an issue you are posting about has already been posted!
  8. Guidelines for Avatars and Signatures: Signatures: You must be a registered member of MUT for at least 5 days in order to add a signature. Do not add a “faux signature” into your posts as these will be edited out by staff. You are allowed two (2) images in your signature with a maximum dimension of 300px X 75px. You may not use your signature to promote a site from which you earn a profit unless you are a MuT Advertiser. Up to four (4) links in your signature. Up to five (5) lines of text. Referral/affiliate links are not allowed. Personal information is not allowed. You may have have 1 commercial advertising link; brand name or company name (yes allowed). This may include things like Mary Kay reps, Avon reps, Mark reps, Artistry, and similar company reps/sellers. You may NOT request openly in posts for ppl to visit your commercial links. You may offer 1 promo (coupon, etc) of your commercial site or sale via your signature, however. you may not discuss your contests/giveaways openly in threads or discussions. Blog or Site Giveaways: You may put a link in your signature to your contests/giveaway, however. you may not discuss your contests/giveaways openly in threads or discussions Signatures such as "I'm giving away samples, visit my site" or "Click here for more info" (not allowed) Below is an example of a signature with the maximum size dimensions(300px X 75px): Signatures/Avatars will be removed if they... Exceed the file size and maximum overall size limits. Contain graphic material of a pornographic or macabre nature. Contain swearing, offensive images, or non-English text. Are overly-distracting (e.g. brightly colored images, animated GIFs, etc). Emulate staff or special member signatures (Moderators, Staff, Other members, etc). Contain advertisements of any sort or links to sites that contain objectionable material. This includes warez, cracks, security circumvention, pyramid schemes, referral IDs, petition requests, and donation requests. Contain links of a malicious nature (e.g. links that crash your browser, trigger pop-up floods, etc). To avoid any confusion, these guidelines are intended to supplement the Community Rules. Can't find a place to host your signature image? Here's a couple of hosting sites: ImageShack ImageHosting TinyPic As always, we rely on you to spot anything that's inappropriate. The staff here isn't omnipresent so we can't see and deal with everything. Let us know via PM or the Report system, preferably the latter. Thanks,
  9. Hi there! I have a telephone interview with Bobbi Brown and was wondering if anyone else has had one before? Or had one with any Estee Lauder company (as I imagine they would ask similar questions!) I've never had a telephone interview with a makeup brand before but would absolutely LOVE this job so if anyone could shed some light on what questions to expect that would be brilliant and I would be so grateful! Thanks so much Kristen xxx
  10. The majority of the time my skin is clear with a few bad spots here and there. I finally got it all cleared up for prom but then BAM three days before Prom my skin starts to get random breakouts in addition to small bumps which can only mean one thing: more pimples to come. Hooray. I'm aware of all the home acne treatments that are out there. I'm just wondering what works the FASTEST. Thanks!

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