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Found 17 results

  1. As we come into November, our minds will undoubtedly be turning to those all important Christmas gifts. While some of our loved ones are easy to buy for, others can be much more tricky, however there’s one particular gift that a lot of us consider our “go-to.” Fragrance. When done right, fragrance can really make the perfect gift. But what happens when it comes to those relatives and friends that are rather picky? Or those who just have no idea what they want? Well fear not, because here’s five tips to help you pick the perfect fragrance! Do Your Research Picking a fragrance for someone can be a risky business, especially if they haven’t given you any idea to work with! However, doing your research can be a good start. The differences between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette along with the difference between base notes and middle notes may not seem like something you want to spend time researching, but it can actually come in pretty useful when it comes to choosing the perfect fragrance for a loved one. So, what means what? Perfume contains between 15%-40% fragrance oil, meaning it has the strongest scent and therefore lasts longer. They are often the most expensive. Eau De Parfum has a 10%-20% fragrance oil composition and sits in between Perfume and Eau De Toilette when it comes to price. Eau De Toilette contains 5%-10% fragrance oil so has a much lighter fragrance, and is often the cheapest option. Take Note of Notes Anyone in the world of fragrance will know what ‘notes’ are, but for those of us that don’t, here’s a little breakdown: Top notes: Often this is what creates the first impression of a fragrance. You can smell top notes as soon as you apply the fragrance or open the bottle. Often, they can be fresh and fruity scents, with popular top notes being grapefruit, lemon, or basil. Middle notes: Often floral or fruity scents, middle notes are known to be the ‘heart’ of the fragrance. They’ll last longer than top notes and are also stronger than base notes. Popular scents in middle notes can include geranium, black pepper, lavender or rosemary. Base notes: These are (funnily enough!) the base of the fragrance. This smell lingers for the longest and also helps to boost the top and middle notes. Generally these are much richer scents, such as vanilla and sandalwood. Find a more information about fragrance notes here. Narrow It Down Let’s face it, there’s a LOT on the market when it comes to fragrance. Picking the right one for your loved one can be a very tricky task. But it doesn’t have to be! Generally, most fragrances can be split into four categories: Fruity - A great option for anyone who loves light and fresh scents, perfect for Summer months. There’s plenty of options available when it comes to notes, but popular scents include cherries, blackberries, and peaches. Plus, don’t forget the citrus scents! Floral - Considered the most versatile category for fragrance and provides a feminine and romantic touch. Popular scents include jasmine, rose and vanilla orchid. Woody - Perfect for the Autumn months as they’re inspired by earthy and warm scents. Often found in masculine fragrances, popular notes include sandalwood and musk. Oriental - Wonderfully seductive scents that include fiery and bold spices. Great for those who want to stand out from the crowd. You can find out more about different fragrance categories, including a few others by checking out this guide from ScentBird. Think about your recipient’s favourite scents in general, and this can be a good way to work out a fragrance that they’ll love. You can also pick from the most popular fragrances too, as the below infographic shows: Image Source Make Use of In-Store Perfume Samples In this day and age, shopping online is the preferred option for most people, especially when it comes to beating the crowds during the festive season. However, a sure fire way to pick the right fragrance is to utilise those free samples! Most stores will have testers available so you can try before you buy, which is particularly handy if you’re buying for your significant other! Think about it, you’ll also be having to smell this fragrance too! You can also pop into fragrance shops for advice too. Often, staff will be more than happy to help you select a fragrance or give you a few options. Consider What They Already Have And finally, the simplest option? Look at what they already have! Taking note of the fragrances on their bathroom shelf or dressing table is a great way you can narrow down your options when it comes to scents they’ll like. A lot of stores will ask you what fragrances the recipient likes as their first question, while online retailers also have ‘Fragrance Finder’ functions that will help you find what you’re looking for based on their current preferences. Let’s be honest, it’ll also stop you buying something they already have too! So, hopefully this will have given you a few ideas on how to pick up some fabulous fragrance that’s sure to go down well with your loved ones. Remember, follow these tips and you’ll be sure to discover the sweet scent of success this Christmas.
  2. I seldom get a doubt about this. On what basis people call a Perfume as a classic. Is it because of the notes used or its because of the price or any other reasons for it?
  3. I am hoping someone can help. I have been trying to remember the name of a particular Body Shop Home fragrance oil. It was very popular mid '90s. I believe it was a deep pink label. It was one of the oils that you would put a few drops on the clay ring and then put that ring onto your light bulb. If anyone has any memory of these please help me out! TIA
  4. Nordstrom's current Beauty and Fragrance gift with purchase is awesome! The gift includes your choice of 3 canvas pouches stuffed with tons of deluxe size samples. Use codes: PEACH, CREAM, or GRAY. I published a (link removed) this morning with all of the details!
  5. What is everyone getting during the Sephora triple points fragrance event? I was looking at some sets but I'm holding off for now. I have enough fragrances to last me. It's always fun to try new ones though. Lately I've really like these fragrances after using a sample Elisabeth and James rose Guerlain Mon Victor & Rolf Flowerbom Tory Burch Love Relentlessly
  6. The new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrance and body collection is now available on their site. http://www.esteelauder.com/fragrance/bronze-goddess
  7. YSL has new fragrance collection out called Le Vestiaire Des Parfums. The scents are Tuxedo, Caban, Sahariennes, Trench and Caftan. They are very expensive though at $250 a piece. Just wanted to pass on the info to anyone who might be interested in finding out more about these despite the price. These are definitely out of my price range but would love to try a sample. http://www.yslbeautyus.com/unisex/le-vestiaire-des-parfums
  8. I looked through the other fragrance threads and didn't see anything...I hope this is the best place for this thread. OK, I love fragrances, however I tend to lean towards a more masculine end of the fragrance spectrum. I love leather, musk, incense ad the like. I also like to wear something that's distinct and different. (This is not difficult really in the middle of Iowa.) Most women here seem to just wear whatever is new or whatever everyone else is wearing. I've got to admit I'm also not a huge fan of the $100 bottle of fragrance because I don't feel like they seem to last as long as they used to, and I like to use my fragrance a lot, so I'm not just a couple little spritz's in the morning and done for the day. I've been trying to research mixing my own from essential oils but goodness there a bunch to know, and I'd hate to drop a bundle on all the wrong things. I recently found a fragrance blending bar locally so I plan to go there and ATTEMPT to mix a "signature scent" to get some idea of what I'm doing. Does anyone do this??? Any advice, knowledge or WARNINGS??? Thanks in advance! ~A
  9. The newest fragrance collection by Inglot is out. The collection is called E/4 Element. http://www.inglotusa.com/fragrance-355
  10. Here is a sneak peek of the beauty offers for Nordstrom Anniversary sale. The sale starts July 9th.
  11. Hi guys!! I have my first shift this weekend working at a beauty department to sell fragrances for fathers day. I have no idea how to reach targets. I am confident with traffic stopping but I dont know iif my lines are bad :\ any help would be appreciated!! xxxxx
  12. The new Black Opium fragrance from YSL sold out in 3 days on their website. They have more limited stock available. Anyone tried this yet?
  13. Tommy Bahama is launching a fragrance called Island Life. There will be a version for women and men. The women's version will have top notes of juicy pear, sparkling mandarin and star anise; a heart of white rose, peony and peach blossom blooms, and a drydown of vanilla bean, sandalwood and musk. The men’s version has top notes of bergamot, artemisia and tarragon; a heart of geranium and nutmeg, and a drydown of patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver and ambrox.
  14. Ariana Grande will debut her first fragrance later this year. It's set to be released in September. No word on the actual scent yet.
  15. I got a sample of this Elizabeth and James Nirvana White fragrance from Sephora. It's exclusive to Sephora. It's a feminine scent with peony. I find it fresh and not too over powering for day time. It's not too sweet either (I don't care for really sweet scents). I'm looking forward to using up this sample. Not sure if I would buy it after the sample runs out but for now it's a nice scent to add to my rotation of fragrances. Anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts?
  16. Hi, I'm looking for perfume/shower gel/lotion scent dupes! I know that Urban Planet and the buck store have 'impressions' of popular scents but I'm looking for stuff that smells similar. I'm currently looking for a dupe or something similar to NEST Amazon Lily.
  17. HOWDY!!! So for a little background, I'm a lady in my late 40's, fair complexion, dark blonde hair with highlights, green eyes. I have lost almost 100 pounds since last year and I look forward to having even less of me to shop for by the time the next gift-exchange occasion rolls around! I live in Buffalo, NY with my hubby and cats. I work in the Development department of a major cancer research hospital--meaning we raise money and solicit donations of products and services for our clinics and patients. My interests (besides taking care of our jolly little furbabies!) include concerts (jazz, folk and classical), karaoke, reading, tarot, comparative religion and mythology, and recreational shopping. So, on to the lists... Makeup: My usual brands are Estee Lauder, Lancome, Stila, Too Faced, Maybelline, NYC and NYX. My coolection runs a huge gamut from department store to drugstore, so for the most part I'm very adventurous! Except for one area: I dislike orange shades, especially for lips. They have never danced well with my Viking skin tone at all! Nails: Would you believe that I'm 48 years old and just now starting to build up a nail wardrobe? For years I would just wear whatever my manicurist put on me and keep it until the next appointment. Now I want to really mess with color and texture, and play around with jellies and crellies and explore some of the niche-y brands. Fragrance: I love my perfume and bath goodies and feel naked without a scent du jour. My favories are citrus, vanilla, spice, rose and lilac. Favorite colors: Plums, mauves, roses, berries; neutral shadows; blue-toned red for lippies; purples, teals, burgundies, greens Wish list: Light toned bronzers A rose-gold or champagne pink facial highlighter or illuminator compact or cream Blushes Lipsticks and glosses--my favorite beauty product! Shadows--something else I've been slowly incorporating into my collection the past few months A good eye-lip-cheek color A nice tinted moisturizer (I usually use Stila illuminating tinted moisurizer in the lighter shade, or Lancome Bienfait, to give an idea of the right tone) Nail goodies Fragrant hand creams Bath goodies--fizzies, bubbles, salts, body washes, sprays. One cannot go wrong with Bath and Body Works; my favories there are White Citrus, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Velvet Sugar, Beautiful Day and Country Chic. Le Couvent des Minimes is also fabulous, and Lush Avobombs are DA BOMB! Catnip and maybe a few kitty toys (I respectfully request no feather trim) to keep the furbabies busy while Mama unwraps all her bonbons Dark chocolate. I am diabetic and there are only so many yummy treats I can incorporate into my meal planning, but I have my doctor's and nutritionist's approval to have a modest amount of dark chocolate during the week. A Ghirardelli Square give a good idea of what I am allowed in a day. Happy shopping!!! >^..^<

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