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Found 40 results

  1. Hello I am new here am a 62 year old guy that enjoys cross dressing sometimesand can always use a few tips I stay in when dressed up with a few women friends I do enjoyy our girls night am strait man
  2. Hey everyone ! My name is Lizanne and I am new here ! I am really happy to read your tips and advises to improve my makeup and how I purchase it ! I started my YouTube channel as well and I would love to hear from you and start this journey with you ! Here’s my latest video : please tell me what you think of it, and I have more at Beauty by Lizanne ! Thank you ❤️?
  3. Hi Everyone! My name is Upsnaa and I love all things beauty! I LOVE skincare, I think it's so important and I think we need to focus on it more. I also love making pretty and unique makeup looks. I have just started to use youtube to share looks. Here's a video so you can see some of my work: Here's my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/upsnaapicks/
  4. I'm Jen and i'm really glad to join the makeup-talk community! I look forward to interacting and sharing everyone. Im all about empowering beauty products that make you look and more importantly feel your best!
  5. Hi Everybody! I am brand new to the site and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm obsessed with all things beauty and am currently trying out all of the subscription boxes I can get my hands on! I look forward to chatting with all of you.
  6. Hi Beauties! My name is Bianca and I am a makeup and skincare addict! I look forward to getting to know everyone!
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Sophia Smith, beauty blogger and skincare junkie I am very passionate about quality skincare products, bold lipsticks and DIY face masks. So happy to be part of this community!
  8. ​Hello everyone! My name is Emily or Emmy for short. I love experimenting with beauty products including DIY masks and scrubs. I am excited to be part of a beauty and makeup forum.
  9. Hi, this is Christina from Holtsville. I am a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger. I am already enjoying this forum and really loving you guys. I hope to have a great journey together. My blog: www.lifestyll.com
  10. Hi guys just thought i would introduce my self after having made a profile then deciding to lurk for a while. My name is Jamie and i am sure you can guess i like make up and everything around it and about it. Hope you are all well x
  11. I have no idea what I'm doing, I only joined because I need some help picking out a gift for my wife. I tried reading some beauty blogs, and they all just keep telling me different things. I though maybe coming in to a forum would help, but this place is un-navigable for me. I'm sure I'll eventually find the right part of the forum to ask my question. so I won't ask it here unless I get desperate. Either way, HI, I'm Rick. I probably won't be here that often, but I hope you'll welcome me however long my stay ends up being. Thanks
  12. Hello My name is Emma and I'm brand new, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I loved my make up when I was at uni, but as I entered the working world it took a back seat to just the weekends. Then I hit a low point and didn't really bother at all. I am now being treated for depression and I have found my love again so I am exploring to see what I can find. As part of my recovery I am also writing a blog and if you could pop over I would really appreciate it muchmorethanjustaprettyface.blogspot.co.uk Looking forward to talking to you Emma
  13. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here. I've had an account on this forum but have been inactive for a very long time! But I'm back talking non-stop beauty I also have a youtube channel which I'm in love with. I post every week specialising in makeup tutorials for oily skins and asian skin tones, however I try and keep the content varied to suit everyone - youtube: shreyamasters92 - would love the support! xxx
  14. Hey everyone! I am Tanya from India. I am a beauty and fashion blogger and love to know about all things related.I would love to connect with you all.Thanks for making me a member of your community.I hope i will contribute and gain many informations through this forum and make new friends!
  15. Hello! And thank you for letting me join the forum, it's my first time on a beauty forum and I look forward to have a good look around. I already visited the subscription box forum and I cry inside knowing we don't have anything as cool in Sweden *sobs* I'm Magdalena, I'm a 28 year old librarian and live in "the Swedish Hamptons" of Skanör. Though I'm born and raised in the deep dark north of Sweden. I live here with my fianceé and our 3 dogs. I don't have any type of beauty blogs/channels or anything, just a instagram page where I post selfies, some of my artwork and of course pics of my dogs (yes, all the classics LOL) @sweetestscoops My reason for signing up is to find friends and to discuss makeup. IRL I don't really have a girly girlfriend to tend to these subjects with (despite of having 5 sisters!). When I don't roam the internet I usually train the dogs, work or play videogames. See you around the forum!
  16. Hello loves! ~ I am Chrissy, I am new here to MUT and so far I love it. A little bit about me- I'm 21, a new Beauty 'guru' on YouTube, I have a lot of cats who I love dearly. I am an animal lover and if I could I would save every stray I see and help them. I am a stay at home cat mom, while my boyfriend is a chef. When I am not filming a new video or editing, I am cleaning the apartment or watching my shows online (we don't have cable so I watch everything online). I am into crime shows, super hero shows, anime, and reality tv (teen mom, teen mom 2, the real world, the challenge, are you the one are the only ones I watch). That's about it when it comes to me- if you would like to check out my channel the name is MissCatBeauty ~I hope you all are having a wonderful day~
  17. Hello Makeuppers! Howdy everyone? So very glad I found this place. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to see and make people beautiful with shapes,textures, colors and scents.
  18. Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie & I'm a nursing student which leaves me with very little time for anything else at the moment. But pre-nursing school when I actually had a life (I swear I did!), modeling was one of my hobbies that I enjoyed very much. I love being a part of something greater than myself and creating beautiful artwork to share with the world. Experimenting with makeup has always been a passion of mine and being able to collaborate with all different kinds of artists is just an awesome feeling. I've attached a pic of an awesome shoot I did with an amazingly talented makeup artist. I'm looking forward to finding out about all the greatest products from you guys and exchanging tips/secrets!
  19. So here I am, all brand spanking new. I was told I was supposed to introduce myself, so I'm staring mindlessly into a computer screen on a purple fuzzy couch in a completely dark room in order to complete that task. Oh, and Sia is playing. Any tips welcomed, as long as they're not about my inability to function maturely. Yours in Recklessness, Gray.
  20. Hi Everyone! My name is Rachel and I thought I'd introduce myself! I'm 21, a loving doggy mummy and serious beauty enthusiast. Unfortunately I suffer from skin allergies which means that all of my products must be hypoallergenic and fragrance free. I set up my blog (blog removed)so that I am able to meet more people like myself and share my product reviews with them. I can't wait to get to know you all. Hopefully we can learn something from each other whether it's some tips on blogging or which products are the best for sensitive skin! That's all for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Or even if you just want to comment a link to your page so that I can follow you! Rachel x
  21. Oh hey! Just stopping by to give my intro--I'm a cosmetologist, theatrical hair and makeup artist, who loves all things beauty. Huge lover of Benefit and MAC, and love learning from others! Excited to be here! xoxo a
  22. Just dropping by to introduce myself. I'm a makeup junkie and former makeup artist, turned government employee, but I still dabble in makeup in my spare time. My favourite makeup brands include MAC, NYX, Melt, Makeup Forever & Anastasia Beverly Hills. I live in British Columbia, Canada with my husband and two cats.. My biggest passions are bodybuilding/fitness, makeup, and writing. Looking forward to discussing makeup-related topics with everyone here. So, hello everyone!
  23. Hi Everyone This is my first post on this wonderful website. I am a freelance and (halfly) self-taught Makeup Artist. I have been a model for 8 year during which I have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge on Makeup Artistry. I have recently started a Youtube Channel that you can have a look at if you wish, link on my profile. I am also attaching a wee sample of my work so that you can see the sort of thing I do Anyway, hope to converse with some of you soon ! Kindest Wishes, Klara xxx
  24. Hi there! I'm new here, in fact only just discovered this forum! I only recently started to get into make up and my collection is very small at the moment (not even sure you can call it a collection to be honest!). Anyway, I'm looking forward to spending more time here and picking up some knowledge!

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