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how terrible does this look?

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i haven't had bangs since i was like 5 years old, but i got really bored of my plain middle-parted hair, so last month i went to a hair salon and got side bangs. i hated the job she did. i pinned them back for a while, then finally grew used to them and would wear them down, but not after straightening the crap out of them and trying to make them look ok.


since i still wasn't happy with those bangs, the other day i decided to make them into front bangs. i watched a youtube vid on how to cut them and tried it. i was kinda happy with the result, but someone on dailybooth (a picture blogging-type website) said it looked like a disaster and that it looked like a bowl cut. lol : /

just wanted to know if you guys think it looks rly bad too






sry for the crappy pics lol. my hair looks so poofy in the second one

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Ok I think u look awesome with bangs and I absolutely don't think they look crappy. I do find them to be a bit blunt, meaning not very soft through, I'm not sure if that's what your going for but that's the only thing I noticed about them.

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thanks guys : ) i know that i like them and i don't think they looked bowl-cutish, but it made me wonder how others saw them haha. glad to know they don't look ridiculous!

and perlanga, i guess they do look a bit blunt, i just used regular scissors to cut them and didn't do anything fancy to texturize it or anything. i was thinking of getting a hair razor though, which i know makes hair look softer

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love it! i could advise you to get longer bangs on the sides to contour your face. but it looks great like this also!

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