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Snack Swapping!

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I'm hoping to find people (or get a group together) to trade snacks, especially local or harder to find goodies. I could even put together a swap for those interested (maybe after all of the summer swap goodness?). Or we can just arrange 1 x 1 swaps.


Here's what kind of snacks I can get (mostly Asian snacks)


-Pocky. In tons of flavors.

-Japanese Kit Kats

-Candy Kits (Like Poppin' Cookin')

-Japanese cookies

-Kusagai Gummies (aka the best gummies ever)

-Italian cookies

-European Jams

-Locally made (Oklahoma) jams and spreads.

-Chips from Asia

-Gourmet Teas

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AAAHH! I love any and all snacks!!



I do believe that in order to organize a swap (not just a 1:1), it has be to organized with a moderator involved. I will bring this up with the MUT staff but feel free to organize 1:1 swaps with people interested! (Myself included :) )

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I'm interested! Yeah, if it's a full blown multi-person swap I think it needs approval first. I have a lovely selection of Asian things nearish, but Utah isn't particularly booming with local [legal] goods that I can find. Um...we have a lot of turkey farms and we have salt, lol. I guess this is the beehive state but I've yet to find local honey...

But if anyone needs a book of Mormon...well, I bet dollars to donuts I could gather quite a few up. ;)

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snacks swapping sounds like fun! although i will soon be going back to work in rural new hampshire, and honestly don't know what local snacks or any snacks at all that I can get there :)

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Oooh, I would interested in swapping some snacks. I have a nearby health food outlet that sells local raw honey straws, dried fruits and such. I've also always got some neat teas lying around; including Teavana loose tea.

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A snack swapping group?! You're genius :D I would totally join in and if there's anything I can do let me know until then I am desperate for those snacks you mentioned therefore I suggest we try out 1:1 swapping, how about that? Let me know if you're interested and I can guarantee a box full of sweet/salty snacks such as chocolate, candy, tea, biscuits and even spices...

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