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Secret Santa 2014 Reveals

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I'm glad you like it!! I wanted to send you more sweets but I was afraid chocolate and stuff would melt since you live in Texas. And I didn't keep track of the weather lol... So I sent some soup!!! Hahahahaha my logic makes no sense. I hope you enjoy everything! I had to switch boxes at the last moment so some of the gifts had to come out of their boxes. XD

I love it! I also love the soup mentality. Its still warm here (i'm originally from Jersey) So i appreciate your logic, and can't believe how hot it is here still! The package was truly amazing, thank you thank you! Happy Holidays!!!

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So, this is my package from @BagLady- I don't know how she knew I use some of the stuff (the face wash really amazed me) but she rocked it. I am not doing any favors to the gifts via my "photography" (lol) and the horrible lighting in my Bat Cave. But thank you so much!!
















I almost forgot my new life motto!!:









Seriously, I'm not good at receiving gifts- but thank you. You made my day :)


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I also got a gift from the amazingly generous Brandy @BB019- totally unexpected, but amazing:












I forgot to take a picture of this wrapped and I'm so sorry- it was gorgeous!! But there's a great story here- I once jokingly asked her if she wanted to give me these. And she did. She's a sweetheart :)






Seriously, you guys, I am teary. You made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


One more thing: I'm sorry I didn't participate in the SS threads as much as I should have, so you didn't get a chance to know me as much @BagLady- but you did an AMAZING job. Thank you :) 

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Also, I just want to share a little story with everyone. When the names were first pulled, I COULD NOT figure out who my Santee/elfie was. I couldn't find the hat. I couldn't see it written anywhere. I messaged @ and kept asking her questions about how to figure it out because I was confused. She was so patient and kind. And then I realized... it was her. And I was SO excited :)

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@@meaganola  -  I really have no idea about indies, like...not a clue....but I can tell that you got an indie box to die for!!  YEAH!!  I'm so happy that you had this to open to cheer you up after the week you've had.  

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I forgot to take a picture of this wrapped and I'm so sorry- it was gorgeous!! But there's a great story here- I once jokingly asked her if she wanted to give me these. And she did. She's a sweetheart


@@ohsailor just so you know...those are NOT mine...those are YOUR Too Faced Sweetheart Beads!! LOL!!  As in...I did not pack mine up and ship them off!! I purchased those fresh for you. :P  Didn't want you thinking otherwise!  If I did that...I would have said something. LOL! 


And hey, your package from @@BagLady was amazing!! Great gifts!!  Enjoy all your goodies!! Merry Christmas! 

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@@ohsailor just so you know...those are NOT mine...those are YOUR Too Faced Sweetheart Beads!! LOL!!  As in...I did not pack mine up and ship them off!! I purchased those fresh for you. :P  Didn't want you thinking otherwise!  If I did that...I would have said something. LOL! 


And hey, your package from @@BagLady was amazing!! Great gifts!!  Enjoy all your goodies!! Merry Christmas! 


You two are too funny!  I remember that.  @ brought up the Holiday Meteorites (after I had seen them mentioned so many times).  Now I own those and Clair 02.   :lol:

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On the ninth day of Christmas my Santa gave to me: 9 Luscious Lippies! Oh, this gift caused a crying jag y'all. Lip products are one of my biggest favorites, Avon lipstick samples when I was a child were the gateway drug to my addiction.


I have no access to Dior or YSL anywhere near me, and I wouldn't blind buy anything so spendy. But I was overjoyed to get YSL lip gloss samples and Dior lipstick samples!! I feel so swanky now :) Oh, and the Dior came in the best packaging, a pale pink envelope made of very sturdy  glossy paper,  with a magnetic closure. I will be re-purposing the Dior envelope to hold my bobbypins.


Urban Decay lipstick samples! I have three of UD Revolution lipstick but none of them is the same as the samples. So happy to get this! I'm going to try to match lipsticks I own to all these high-end samples!!


 A wishlist item, Shiro Cosmetics lip balm in "A Girl and a Cat", oh how I had hoped for this! How could I resist cats and makeup together?


Laqa Lip Lube mini in Coral! Oh how did she know that I used up mine by the end of Summer?? Thrilled to get a replacement!


Doterra Spa lip balm! This is a totally new brand to me, but Santa loves it and I'm sure I will too :) Love trying new brands!


 Now is the time to get your crying towel ready......


I had wished for a sample of Too Face Melted Fig, instead of a sample I got the full size!!  Sheesh, I'm tearing up again already


Next, Fresh Sugar Petal Lip treatment, full size. By this time I was past the full blubbering crying stage. I've secretly wanted to try Fresh, but wouldn't splurge. The color is just perfect for me!


 IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush in "Je  Ne Sais Quoi" This one completely floored me! I have put this item in online baskets and removed it at least twenty times. The extremely few times I have ever gone to Ulta or Sephora I put it my shopping bag and toted it all over the store before always talking myself out of it.How did she know???? My heart was pounding with the shock and thrill of getting this!


 I shall call this box "The Precious"




1 Tote Bag (with dry shampooo)

2 Fragrance Samples in two of my favorite scents

3 Pet treats, two for cats one for dawgster

4 Nail items, three polishes and a cuticle balm

5 face products, BB cream, blotting linens, Chella pencil, Beauty Blender and full size Fakeup

6 Household Items , Holiday dish towel, two fabulous candles, BBW handsoap, and two superlative Alhambra items, ( tray and container )

7 Handcrafted Gifts, cards, ornaments, salt scrub and purple lace scarf

8 Facial products, cleansers, cloths, moisturizers and makeup remover

9 Luscious Lippies:  YSL, Dior, UD, Too Faced , Shiro, IT Cosmetics, Laqa,Fresh, Doterra

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Okay, finally got everything unwrapped and photographed! The pictures really don't do it justice though.

Getting this package was seriously so overwhelming. I think I legit cried for like an hour. My grandmother has been in the ICU for the past 2 weeks now and it's not looking good. We're pretty much just flying friends and family in to say goodbyes at this point, and this package feels like the only good surprise I've gotten in so long. And @ put so much care into it that I was just so touched. Ugh, sappy feelings! I'm sorry. I've been reading MUT during my long nights at the hospital and it has really helped keep me sane. So thanks to all of you for providing such wonderful optimism in this thread! 


Anyways, let's get to the actual reveal! 

First of all, she got me a full sized Benetint! This was #1 on my wishlist this year since for some reason I've never owned a full sized one despite my love of lip stains. So I would have been really really really happy with just this. 



And then I got these 2 amazing bottles of nail polish that are just perfect for me. I love love love glitter and have been dying to try the new Nails Inc. stuff! 



And nail wraps! I haven't really played with wraps much so I'll probably fail spectacularly, but I'm so grateful to have some to try. 



Fresh minis! I wasn't able to pick up any Fresh sets during the VIBR event so this was amazing to get. I feel like I might have started crying at this point, or maybe sooner. It's really hard to tell. Don't judge me. 



Tarte minis! I've been lusting over their holiday stuff but couldn't really justify it was a purchase for myself, so I am beyond thrilled to have this little lip set. And blush! And a full sized mascara (one of my favorites!)! 



Assortment of amazing goodies! My absolute favorite and latest obsession, the Glamglow YouthMud! And one of my favorite perfumes ever! And Marc Jacobs mascara! And a Clinique lippie! Use all the exclamation marks!!!! 



She got me a Voluspa candle. How did you even know that's been on my "must-buy" for so long? And how did you pick such a perfect scent? Eden & Pear is to die for. Not to mention she got me L'Occitane soap. *swoons* 



Super adorable hand cream and wipes <3 



She even got something for my dog!! My dog somehow totally knew there was something for her in the box as soon as I carried it in since she was watching the entire unwrapping. Said bone treat is now devoured. In fact, it was devoured like 12 seconds after I took this photo. 



And saved the best for last: she knitted me a hat. Like for reals. I love it so much, I want to wear it all day every day. Maybe I will wear it all day every day. I mean, where do I even start? First of all you are amazing at knitting. 2) I'm just thinking of all the time you put into my gift and it's making me feel too many feelings. 3) You're the best. 4) Socks!! Christmas socks!!! CHRISTMAS SOCKS!!!!!! 



So there you have it. The best Christmas gift I could have ever wanted. Sorry that was really long (not actually sorry). Sorry it got really weird and emotional (actually sorry). To @ you are amazing and wonderful and I want to send you a box of kittens and rainbows and hugs because you've made my entire holiday season.  

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Glad to see your santa spoiled you with great gifts.

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Ladies! My SS was @@mirandamanda and she spoiled me quite rotten! I was amazed what an excellent MUT stalking job she did! Everything from the Fresh Sugar balms to the German chocolate was absolutely perfect!  I feel quite blessed to have received such an incredibly thoughtful gift!

Great reveal, those chocolates are all delicious and everthing was wrapped so pretty.

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Day 2 of my gifts from my Santa, @@nicepenguins !!  :D


Ooooo what do we have here......sparkly purple wrapping paper, courtesy of my Santa's adorable son! 



Thanks again Santa, you are rocking it!!


Edit: Darn it, that first pic rotated on me, grrr! 

YAY!!! So glad you like everything. It was so fun to shop for you. it's a neat surprise for me to see what you open next. 

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 On the sixth day of Christmas, my Santa gave to me: 6 Household Treasures!!


  How to even start? First a Greenleaf candle in Silver Spruce!! Oh my, I love this scent! I want to wallow on it and smell like it :) Love it :)


Holiday kitchen towel! Prime example of something I always want at Christmas, but am too cheap tp buy for myself!! Beautiful blue with a hubba-hubba snow lady on it. Yay!! Thank you! I've already put it in my kitchen.


Bath and Body Works Black Cherry Merlot hand soap! This is a wishlist item!! At last a break from my usual non-scented variety. Momma and DH are thrilled to have something that smells good!


Paddywax Ocean Tide+ Sea Salt candle!! A wishlist item and on of my favorite candles of all time! Hooray!


and, drumroll please........


An Alhambra tray and Alhambra small container!  Now, how did she know I had been secretly yearning for these two exact items? I didn't list them on my wishlist, but she must have read my mind. I have two of the medium containers and have been wanting the tray and small container for at least a year!


  I am overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity, how did I ever deserve all this? I'm just in tears.





1 Tote Bag (with dry shampooo)

2 Fragrance Samples in two of my favorite scents

3 Pet treats, two for cats one for dawgster

4 Nail items, three polishes and a cuticle balm

5 face products, BB cream, blotting linens, Chella pencil, Beauty Blender and full size Fakeup

6 Household Items , Holiday dish towel, two fabulous candles, BBW handsoap, and two superlative Alhambra items, ( tray and container )

Awesome gifts, enjoy!

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Oh my goodness!!!!! @@Donna529 was my Santa! She seriously spoiled me and did an awesome job!!! Thank you thank you thank you Donna! Pictures under the spoiler...sorry some of them are upside down! 

So here is what I saw when I first opened up the box:
Fun and festive wrapping! An adorable card! And Godiva truffles!! So tasty…not that I’d know already…  :P
There wasn’t really an order of operations that Donna wanted me to follow, so I just kind of took my best guess and opened them as they caught my eye!
First up: a NYX eyeshadow palette! I love Nyx products but have never tried their eyeshadow. Perfect neutral colors for my tastes—I’m excited to try these!!!
Next was a small package, but what was inside was big to me…the Tarte Sweet Dreams set! I had talked myself out of this a while ago, in an attempt to try to be good…but was secretly hoping it would end up in my SS package. And well, here it was!!! I love Tarte’s blushes and this color looks perfect for my fair skin. And I’m excited to try the highlighter!
I decided next that I couldn’t resist the giant red bag any longer (which, btdubs, is super cute and will be perfect inside). When I opened it up I saw ALL THE SAMPLES. Holy Toledo. So many different things, and a lot from brands I haven’t tried! I haven’t dabbled in Memeboxes or Korean skincare yet, and there were lots of those items—excited to try something new! And also some perfect for curly hair samples…a NYX lipgloss…nail polish…seriously, ALL OF THEM. So fun!!
(Sorry this one is blurry!)

Next I decided to open the package with the cute little gold disco ball attached. Well what do you know, the gold disco ball was a lip gloss! Cute! And then it was attached to a holy grail item for me—Blinc mascara!!! I hoard these samples like no tomorrow, and this little set of primer/mascara is perfect for me!



Next package I opened was the Caudalie Beauty Elixir!! I have always wanted to try it (influenced by Youtubers, haha), so this ornament made it on to my wishlist. So excited to try it!



Not sure how many pictures I'm allowed to include in one post...so I will cut it off here. To be continued shortly!!


So many nice goodies!

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Amazing @@Donna529 Secret Santa-ing continued under the spoiler!!





Here was where I started to feel really spoiled—I still had 5 more packages to go, but I had already gotten a bunch of stuff on my wishlist! Donna, you were way too generous. Next I opened something I had REALLY been wanting…a Bite mini lip pencil!! I opened the similarly shaped box next and found ANOTHER Bite mini!! I’ve been wanting to try their lip gloss so this is so perfect! Also I just love lippies in general. :D
I went for the big box next—a Benefit skincare set! I have not really tried much of their skincare, but I like their makeup, so I am eager to try these out!
Then I opened up another package…Korean nail art! Totally out of my usual comfort zone, but something that will be totally fun to try! Donna I might have to pick your brain for tips. ;)
Finally, I opened the last package….my reaction was seriously OH MY GOD when I opened it. The Stila In the Light Palette! I have lemmed for this for quite some time, but never let myself buy it because I know I probably have too many neutral eyeshadow palettes. But then when it went on sale, to be discontinued…well, I had to put it on my Elfster wishlist, juuuuust in case I had the most generous SS ever. And well, like I said, OH MY GOD. This was the perfect finale package and just knocked this whole gift out of the park. 
And here is the amazingness all together!





Donna, thank you SO SO much for being such a thoughtful and generous Santa!! It is obvious that you stalked my wishlist and posts hard. I am so excited to play with all my new treasures! I think this quote from my fiancée sums it up well: “so we can cancel Christmas now, right?” You seriously spoiled me, and I’m so thrilled! Thank you so much!


Love to see everyone getting spoiled!

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I received my gift today from my AMAZING magnificent wonderful generous Secret Santa, @@jocedun !!!


I am floored. The gift was so kind and thoughtful and had things I secretly wanted that I never put on any wish list! Honestly everything is just the best gift and I am just astonished she got me all these things! I am SO thankful and appreciative and again, baffled by your generosity Jocelyn!


And now for the gifts! This will be a two parter!



What I saw when I opened the box:


Wizard of Oz figurines/ornaments(?? i'm using them as ornaments!) I LOVE the Wizard of Oz and I was so happy and delighted to see these in there!! What a sweet surprise!S2HhmXv.jpg

Chocolate!! Dark chocolate specifically. I love it!!


A lip tar!! I haven't put this on any wish lists but I really really wanted to try one!! I love lipstick, especially red lipstick and I have heard amazing things about their staying power!!! This alone could have been the gift! I am so in awe of @@jocedun 's generosity. thank you!hJrfFJq.jpg


Right about now I realized I should have taken a picture of the inside of the box-so here it is (with some already unwrapped!)


This was a huge surprise--another one I have seen people post about on MuT that I was like 'oh man, that looks awesome' but never posted about, never put on a wish list, nothing! Somehow Jocelyn just KNEW I would love it??!?! Amazing. I'm so excited. 


This. smells. delicious.



More coming in second post!




All the little notes are so cute and love that Bite lipstick.

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Second part!





More delicious lotion! Yay!! 


A bright colored eyeliner!! I love bright eyeliners!! I had this on my birchbox wish list and there is no way Jocelyn could have known!! I'm so excited to try it!!!!


Ok, the cupcake is so cute and I can't wait to try the body wash. Yum!!


Ok, this was on my wish list but I did not expect to get it AT ALL. I have been wanting to try these for SO LONG. Years probably. I really love tinted lip balms and I just have a feeling that these are like heaven in a tube of chapstick. I cannot believe I got one, let alone three!! Thank you!

SFtkiOl.jpgOkay, there's DEFINITELY no way for you to know this is my favorite candle scent! I bought one last year, I bought one this year, and now I have a mini!!!!! I think I will take it to work and try to get away with burning it there. It's the perfect travel candle! It's so cute!! and delicious!! ahhh!


More tinted lip balm! In an egg! I'm so excited! I'm allergic to eos lip balms but they always look so cute and fun to use and now I get my very own egg!! 


Super cute bag..


OMG these are amazing!! a pumpkin cuticle oil?!?!?! delicious!! And a ruby wing!! I love ruby wing and I don't have this one and I'm so excited to try it!! AND INDIE POLISH!!! I wanted to try some so badly and these are so perfect and beautiful and christmassy!! I love the Ulta and the yellow included too! I love it all!!







Again, I am so thankful and in awe of all of these gifts and kindness and sweet postcard and all of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you @@jocedun !!!

That cupcake body wash is adorable!

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In a weird twist of fate-my gift was delievered early and my Santee, @@msambrosia, received hers today as well!!


My Santa was @Megan27ist. She gave me a Grinch themed present. I will have to post a pic later because I honestly don't remember how to post them!


Here is what was in my box:

1) a purse size tube of Tocca Bianca

2) a convertible tote bag

3) 2 notebooks and 2 candycane pens

4) hand knitted royal purple scarf

5) a box that had a chocolate bar for my 2 children, my husband, and a treat for my doggie

6) Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue mini

7) Baggie filled with manicure necessities and a bottle of OPI "Passion"

8) Sumita "East meets West" eyeliner collection

9) a bottle of Champagne bubble bath


Again, so sorry I can't post a pic just yet.


Thank you Megan for the lovely gift!

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Oh, update on the pretty paper cranes that my wonderful santa,  made for me!


I took them in yesterday, for our class christmas party. The kiddos were all excited and loved the bright colors! Instead of sending them home with them (several of them live in a facility and they'd likely just get lost, the others might lose them, etc), each picked one and we put them on strings and are going to hang them up in the room like a mobile once we take down the christmas tree! You made them so happy, kyuu! :)


So, Merry Christmas from me and the kiddos. :)



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 I've been re-reading this thread because I just love seeing everyone's gifts. Reveals are my favorite threads of all. I'm constantly overwhelmed by the generosity, thought, and kindness everyone puts into buying for their giftee!

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Part 2 of Santa Gifts. I hope I didn't keep y'all waiting too long, was going to post these last night but my mom kept me super busy trying to get all her errands run before I leave out of town with my husbands family. On to the reveal :)





The next thing I pulled out was a big origins ornament filled with my favorite skincare products. My Santa also included minis and samples of some of her favorite loves. I'm excited to try the Clarins. I've heard some great things about this in the past but had never gotten around to try it. Also TARTE! You are a lifesaver Santa. I hit up my sephora on Black Friday but sadly this set was already sold out. Already wearing the mini lipsurgence and it is a gorgeous color. ^^


Next up... Drumroll....


A million shrieks in excitement. I have been lusting over Mary-Lou Manizer for ever now, even more after birchbox sent me a tiny sample of cindy-Lou, and I instantly feel inlove with it. Also ladies you'll probably laugh but this is my first ever real techniques brush. I have a big brush set but I've never gotten around to try a real techniques brush. These two things were one of the first products I placed on my wishlist and my amazing Santa granted me my wish. :) I do not know how you did it, maybe I mentioned it but a blush brush is pretty much the perfect brush for me to receive right now. Not only is is supper fluffy and soft, but I am quickly going to be putting it to great use as I couldn't resist and bought myself the benefit cheecky sweet spot of blushes holiday set during Black Friday.


Finally the last gift my Santee sent was a beautifully wrapped gift for my little princess. She gets so excited when the mail gets here and always asks me if there is mail for her. Normally the answer is no, but my Santa was amazing enough to send a beautifully wrapped present with a big bow. This whole time she had been helping me unwrap and her eyes lit up when I told her the last present was for her.




It was a Frozen book that showed you how to draw on the attached sketcher. Understatement of the year to say my little girl loved it. I only managed to take a few pictures because she was no longer interested in my gifts. lol



Final picture of all my gifts.

Thank you thank you @@fayeX . You have blessed and spoiled me so much this Christmas. This is my first ever Secret Santa exchange and had not idea what to expect. I was nervous from from start to finish but I could not have asked for or imagined a better gift. I hope your Santa brings you as much joy and happiness as you have brought me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing person and Santa. Merry Christmas and since I'll be with out of town and with family after today, Happy Early New Year.


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    • Advent calendar: Day 8 - Bright red nail polish - Polish was so easy to apply, and lasted well. I got several compliments on it.  Day 9 - At the Heart of Pine Trees Holiday Shower Gel - a fresh orange scent with a soft wood note.  Day 10 - Apricot body scrub.  Day 11 - Hydrating micellar water.  Day 12 - Plein Soleil Perfume - I love the perfume! It is tuberose with a hint of cardamom, to evoke travels to the East.  Day 13 - At the Heart of Pine Trees matching body lotion.  Day 14 - Mango Coriander Shower Gel.  My Advent calendar has been nice, but my week was unlucky. First there was the broken water heater, then my brother had a flat tire, my father had a flat tire, and my brother had a mishap where he hit the mailbox at my work with his car when he came to pick me up  - I am so ashamed. My work is slow so they cut everybody's hours. The paychecks are going to be low, It's just for the holidays, they said. But who knows. This all happened in one week.  I don't know if I will be able to pay off my credit card by the end of the year as I wanted, and if I will be able to do the January goal I had planned. At least I finished my Christmas shopping and mailing for friends and family! I found it difficult. This weekend I need to clean and make a Plan B.   
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