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What Happened to Renee Zellweger?

Renee Zellweger's new look!  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Renee Zellweger's new look?

    • I didn't even recognize her
    • Missing the Bidget Jones Look
    • She's definitly had plastic Surgery
    • She looks the same to me
    • Who cares! She still looks great!

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Renee Zellweger looks so different now. What are your thoughts? Did she look better before or does she look better now?  Reply back!  Also vote in our poll.


Original Renee:



New Renee:









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Reminds me of that chick from Dirty Dancing, I think her name is Grey? she got a nose job and no one could recognize her.


yes, Jennifer Grey

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I know that her weight has always been a source of discussion, for better or worse. I think she looks better in general with a little more weight than is typical for Hollywood, as in the first photo. I commend her for not botoxing away her crow's feet. I think her makeup in the second set of photos is a little off...either her foundation is too light or maybe it has sunscreen in it that's washing her out. I think it looks a little better to have a more dramatic makeup look and a little more shine control for any black tie event, but she's still gorgeous, and most actresses couldn't get away with that natural of a look.

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I've been talking about this on various sites. Here's what's different.


  1. Her hair color is warmer than the usual fake blonde she has had in the past.
  2. Her coloring is more tan than the normal paleness she sports.
  3. Her brows are not done.
  4. Her fine lines on her forehead, eyebrows and around her mouth are visible.
  5. She has large pores visible.
  6. Her skin is sagging around her jowls and cheeks.
  7. Her neck skin is sagging.
  8. Her hair style does not include her "trademark" bangs.
  9. Her hair style has her hair pulled off her face, normally her hair is on her face (having sported both short and long bangs).

Basically, it looks as if she has stopped using fillers and Botox to freeze her face and didn't attend the event in "full makeup". She may have had eye work done since her trademark squint is gone or it could be due to age and the skin over her brows are sagging creating a different look. To me she looks more natural looking with all her so-called flaws since I know that now I'm 40 my skin is beginning to look like that.

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I agree.  The 2 close up and more recent photos show she has allowed herself to age EXCEPT those eyes may have been done.  She always had smaller, squintier eyes.  I think it was a bit of her trademark along with the smile.  Very girl next door.


The last photo doesn't look like the same person.

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She might have had some work done for her eyes, if the lids were interfering with her sight.  Other than that, she is still a natural beauty and I think she is just aging normally.

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