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Your Ideal January Birchbox

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Just curious...if you could pick any 5 samples that are known to be in January Birchboxes to create your own ideal box for this month, what would they be?

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Here is what would be in my ideal January Birchbox:


Manuka bee venom mask

It's a 10 conditioner

Tocca (which I am getting)

When sheet mask

Paula's Choice - any


I am totally ok with the box I am getting, but the above would be my favorites of the available products this month.

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I actually do this on my own every month, lol. I don't know all of the samples yet btut for me, so far it'd be.


  1. Wei Manuka Bee Venom Mask
  2. When Sheet Mask (though I doubt they'd send two face masks, lol)
  3. Sumita Eye Pencil in Black
  4. Cynthia Rowley Lip Stain in Dahlia
  5. A Paula's Choice serum or Tocca Florence fragrance

I don't want any of the sample choices, lol!

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Mine would be:


Manuka Bee Venom mask

It's a 10 spray

BalanceMe eye cream 

Tocca hand cream (any scent)

Cynthia Rowley lipstain (any color but Sugar)

and the Tea Pigs teas as a bonus :)

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I am not sure what all is suppose to be in the January boxes but I will take a stab at this:


-Paula's Choice moisture boost oil

-Mannar Kadar lip thingy in a pink shade

-Sweet Science SPF tint

-olive green eyeliner (not sure if this is a sample this time?)

-coastal scents eyeshadow palette as long as it is not the browns (already got those)

-Tea pigs (That just makes me laugh for some reason) as a bonus


See, I am not even greedy. I only chose 5 and a bonus. Quality over quantity! :D

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