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Do you think giuliana rancic comment was appropriate

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 I don't know if anybody followed the news today and heard about Giulianna Rancic comment on Fashion police. I find it interesting to discuss about this since we all want to look good, and feel good, about ourselves and image. Anyways for those who don't know the story, let me just briefly go over what was said. and quote,

"On the Feb. 23 Oscars episode, which aired Monday night, Rancic made fun of Zendaya's long dreadlocks on the red carpet. "I feel like she smells like pachouli oil," Rancic remarked, as the cameras cut away to a photo of the Disney darling's look. Then a voice -- which the source has now identified as Rancic -- chimed in: "Or weed!"

Now when I looked at Zendaya's picture I did not get that image at all, I just thought she looked sophisticated. Many people have lashed out at Giulianna's comment about Zendaya, especially since beauty, and image is such a big thing that alot of women deal with.

What are your thoughts on Giulianna's comment was what she said cool??? Let me know  :D 

Check out the link of Zendaya's pic below http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/kelly-osbourne-warned-giuliana-about-zendaya-comment-on-fashion-police-2015252

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I was watching this "live" and I felt like she went too far right away. On Fashion Police, worse things are said routinely but something was off about Giuliana's delivery. Giuliana made it very clear what image she had of people with dreads (except Kylie Jenner--of course).


Personally, I also didn't like the styling of Zendaya's dreads or her dress but there was no need to get so descriptive.

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Guest Barbie2




I personally think the comment was fine its tv people dont watch it to hear the interviewer say they love every outfit they wanna know what you REALLY are thinking especially on those award shows all you hear the interviwer say is I love your outfit.Meanwhile at home I'am thinking wow thats ugly or she looks terrible and I think a lot worse things as I see the celebs... personally I liked her honesty.If they said things like that all the time It would be more interesting / funny / better tv.I see nothing wrong with saying what you really think .Anything you say can offend anybody but people need a thicker skin not every comment is made to hurt someones feelings its hollywood if something that little bothers zandaya she needs to find a new career the entertainment business is not for someone who cant handle criticism / judgement.Dreads at an award show to me is a terrible look I dont know what she was thinking or her stylist was thinking but by her fashion sense it all looked terrible to me.

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