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Thai makeup

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Hi everyone!


I am new to this forum and I've already learnt so much from reading all these topics.

I had a question myself as well. Right now I am in Thailand and they sell tons of makeup here!

Too bad that the really cheap stuff all smells really strange and doesn't feel good on your skin. I don't want to buy all these fake products, because I obviously don't want to destroy my skin, but I was wondering if any of you know about other brands that they sell in Thailand that are cheap yet actual makeup? Just as you have Coastal Scents and BH palettes?

Mostly looking for eyeshadows, but any advice is welcome.


Thank you guys!

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Never even thought about Thai makeup before! I do not know any brands from their personally, but update us on any good finds you come across while visiting! Have a nice trip too!

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I am Thai girl. There are many produce in Thailand. If you would like to buy eyeshadows. There are so many brands in Thailand. I suggest you in 5 brand.

1. Mistine : Nudy brown complete Eye palette. (1xx ฿)post-126221-0-32887900-1474391156_thumb.jpg

2.Mistine Groove complete Eye palette. (1xx ฿)post-126221-0-81125500-1474391157_thumb.jpg

3. 4U2 splash Velvet Eyeshadows4 (250 ฿)post-126221-0-43673700-1474391159_thumb.jpg

4. Makeup revolution chocolate palette. (690 ฿)post-126221-0-28471600-1474391160_thumb.jpg

5. Kate Eyeshadows. (4xx ฿)post-126221-0-75893200-1474391161_thumb.jpg

6. NAKED 2 Urban Decay (2xxx ฿) post-126221-0-40075100-1474391163_thumb.jpg

:D  :wub: :)

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