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false eyelashes

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Hey everyone! Im new to this forum so first of all hi to everyone! Second, sorry if u dont understand me, english isnt my first language


So, Ive just registered to this forum cause I have some doubts about this particular "tool", false eyelashes, I dont even know if you guys call them tools or what, and sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this thread on hahah


anyways, heres my problem:


I dont really understand how to use false eyelashes. I mean, they are usually really expensive, but I kinda see girls wearing them more than only on special events. My first question on this would  be, is it okay to re-use false eyelashes? Or you only use them once and then they belong in the trash?


Another thing that I dont quite understand, is it normal for them to be so long? Are they all so long? I actually only used them once, and  bought them from primark, they just looked so big... and big as in long, is it normal? or only they were like that cause I bought them on Primark?


thanks for the answers!!

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Welcome! False lashes are all different. You can cut them to your preferred length if you would like before putting them on. You want to use a special glue to apply them with.

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I agree with Reija! falsies are always in their longest 'state' when they are in the box. This is to match every eyeshape. I've bought them at the primark store a couple of months ago, but wasnt really satisfied with how the hairs were attached to the band. Alot of primark falsies have really thin bands, so it is (especially for me because i am terrible with false lashes) really hard putting them on because they tend to bend alot in directions you dont want them to bend.


For re-using them, that isnt a problem. I use them till the hairs fall out haha!

When i put them on, i curl my lashes afterwards (together, own lashes and falsies) and put on my mascara, so the mascara sticks on the lashes. When i remove my lashes, i gently pull of the remaining glue with a tweezer and grab an old toothbrush. Place the falsies on a towel or other surface that may get dirty, grab a make up removing lotion and brush the mascara away that is stuck on the falsies with the toothbrush and lotion. Dont brush too hard because that will pluck out the hairs!


Hope this helped you!

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Reusing your lashes isn't a problem if you know how to properly clean them. You will notice the eyelashes with thicker bands will last longer as they can withstand being cleaned and usually if you have put mascara on the lashes it will effect the longevity of the lashes.  How you remove the false lashes from your eyes will also determine if they can be saved for another use.

As for the length, cut them before putting them on.



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Hi, you should try the Lavetchi lashes, there a big craze right now. I wear lashes everyday and think their easy to apply for first timers x



Hope this helps xxx

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