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Guest Barbie2

My Bitterlace Beauty PRISM Makeup Review

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Guest Barbie2

So I really loved the PRISM first time I wore it was recently and I think I saw a lot of people staring at me or my eyes probably because my eyes were rainbow / unicorn like.I didnt get a ton of compliments but from the few people who did have something to say about it it was very positive they really liked it and thought it looked cool.The colors are vibrant I was worried they wouldnt show up and so I did end up reapplying it maybe a total of ten times with my contour brush before I said okay this looks good.I really wanted the full rainbow to show it wasnt too suddel but if applied once or twice it can be a toned down regular day makeup look.I did a concert look when I did my makeup so the one eyeshadow looked different from the other side.I thought it looked very band / concert like because both sides of the rainbow were different because I didnt care how I applied it on my other eye so they looked different but it was cool / a new makeup trend I just came up with for doing PRISM have each side start on a different side of the rainbow so your eyes stand out more.I completely loved it and will bebuying not only more PRISM in the future but trying her other shades as well.I could wear it all the time I used mine as an eyeshadow so it was more practical / useful and it was gorgeous.I wanna wear it all the time and wear certain colors together.


I also had my INGLOT lipgloss on with it which is also amazing I really like their lipgloss it morphes into cool colors together when you apply it with their other amc lipglosses and I created a rainbow one , the other one was a purpleish green color really cool stuff highly recommend buying a few of those.It is officially my new go to favorite lipgloss.

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