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Allure Beauty Box December 2016 *Spoilers*

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Here is the thread for the Allure December Beauty Box. Any spoilers out there yet?


They are having a Cyber Monday deal. I'm cross posting from the Cyber Monday shopping thread. Here are the details.


allure cyber monday deals.jpg


On Cyber Monday, sign up for the editor-curated Allure Beauty Box (or get one for a friend!). Get a subscription for yourself and it's only $10 per box for the first four months (a $20 savings). When it comes to gifts, if you buy a three-month gift subscription, you'll score a free makeup case, or buy a six-month gift subscription and you'll nab a free beauty box for yourself (worth $15). Buy a 12-month gift and you'll get a free CNTraveler or Teen Vogue box (worth $39.95). (Speaking of theme boxes, those are on sale, too!) It's really all about how many you buy, and trust us, your friends and family members will be obsessed. Buy one box, and get ten-percent off, buy two boxes and get 15-percent off, buy three boxes and get 20-percent off, buy four boxes and get 25-percent off, or buy five boxes and get 30-percent off. Here are the online codes you'll need: Use SAVEMORETV to shop Teen Vogue's box, and use SAVEMORECNT to shop the CNTraveler theme box.

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MSA posted full spoilers: http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/2016/12/allure-beauty-box-december-2016-full-spoilers-5-coupon.html



I think I'm getting my box on Monday. It'll actually arrive at my office tomorrow but I won't get it until Monday.


I think I have the brow highlight from PopSugar? I'm excited for the mini beauty blender cleaner and the hand cream. The neck cream might be ok. I don't care for the Embroylisse Lait- Crème Concentrate even though it's a cult favorite.  

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Ooh, i didn't know the full spoilers were up! I'm excited about the brow highlighter, I was disappointed a while back when the Mally highlighter was replaced. The beauty blender cleanser looks interesting, and I actually need makeup brush cleaner (glad it looks like it can be used on brushes). Hopefully it's not too lavender-y smelling.

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I got my box today, it came with Avene body oil in addition to the spoiler items.


Here's a pic:




My hand cream is Ocean Gardenia, it smells really nice. I want all of the variations.

I already have the Oh my Brow from popsugar, I'll trade this one.

As mentioned, I also go the Avene body oil, a nice size too the largest item in the box 1.69 oz,

I'll also trade the Lait Creme concentrate. It's not a product I'm in love with.

Neck cream seems interesting, unique product but I'm sure it's just like facial moisturizer, now if it erased double chins...

The beauty blender cleaner is small, but cute. Good for traveling if you need to clean a brush on the go, my blender sometimes catches other makeup when I squish it in with my makeup bag with traveling so spot cleaning is sometimes needed.



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I got my box too but instead of body oil I received SkinCeuticals blemish+age defense oil. The size is small. If you had their samples before, then it's a standard sample size for this brand. I assume 2ml. The hand cream is Mediterranean citrus which is overpowering for me but still useful. All the rest is the same.

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    • I'm having some backsliding, but still trying! I'm really seeing progress using my full size cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I decided to change my routine. I have been experiencing for a while now some strange kind of boredom. When I'm not working, I really don't have fun any more. I don't get chores done either. I'll just get up, and the time just passes, and my room will be messy with a pile of laundry, and I don't get it done, and it makes me feel bad. I can't focus on reading a book or watching a show or movie. I always feel my weekend is a waste. I'm not having fun when I'm lazy like this either; it feels awful.  I decided to change my routine and fight this state! I told HR I wanted to work on Saturday every week and have Thursday off every week, which makes both my work weeks and time off shorter periods. I'm hoping it will be easier to make the most of time off when it is one day instead of an entire weekend. And I might feel less tired when the work week is broken up. I also made a list of all I hope to do in my days off. I want to have my laundry done, cleaning done, write in journal, post on Makeup Talk [I do enjoy writing], watch a show or movie and read a book, and best of all use a face mask on the two days off!  I'm not using all my face masks at all. I got a flyer from Yves Rocher with some awesome new face masks and scrubs. I really want one, but not until I've used up all the masks I have now! The Thursday and Sunday off will be my special beauty days to use up products with extra relaxing beauty routines.  Last night I went out with a friend of mine and my brother to Family Dollar. While she was shopping, I looked in the beauty section. I enjoyed it. I saw some things I wanted, but did not get, because I don't need them. I saw: Aromatherapy diffuser set with a little cherub. Pretty makeup brushes. I already have a ton. No reason to wear makeup because I always go out with a face mask. I should make an effort to use eye makeup though. I need to care for myself better and put effort into myself.  Skin care set with cleanser, toner, and cream in one box, only five dollars. I think the cleanser had shea butter. I wanted to try it, but have tons of skin care going back to 2017 I need to get through!  After we took our friend to eat, we came out and had a nail in our tire and a flat. The roadside assistance man was really nice though. I got a Car Care credit card and an appointment to get it fixed today. I am backsliding with my debt snowball, but I'm not going to let it stop me. I'm just going to keep going and start over with whatever debt is smallest, being diligent with No Buy/Project Use It Up.  I have been more productive this morning, started laundry and cleaning and wrote in my journal. The more I try the better it will get! Then maybe I won't order takeout so much. I'm kind of looking forward to going to the auto shop, because it will be something to accomplish, and then I'll go to lunch with my brother (less expensive than getting Door Dash).  The first mask I will be using up is my smallest sample, Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. I have many mini masks from Ipsy, etc. and I believe two full size masks and two full size scrubs, and a box of sheet masks.   
    • I guess you should exercise and eat healthy for it!
    • You absolutely tip the student!! Regardless if they have been in the business for 20 years or they are just starting out - they are putting their time and effort into giving you a gorgeous cut/colour that you will love
    • It's awesom to have the national lipstick day could really amazed the women and girls ! They will ove to have different variety of shade and color ...
    • cool, thanks for the tips!  I like all of k-beauty products I've tried so far but I haven't tried any foundations yet. The best foundation I've found is FitMe and it's super cheap but I want to change brands.  FitMe is a matte finish.

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