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Make-up Dumpster Diving? Do or Don't?

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Hey guys!

So I know this sounds weird and really gross... I thought it was too. Buuuuuttt... I happened to stumble across some videos on youtube of people dumpster diving for makeup. Some of it looked brand new.... One person found over a thousand dollars worth of makeup and facial products.... One lady found more than 6 THOUSAND dollars worth... and some of it looked BRAND NEW!!

so I was thinking about dumpster diving to see what I can find... but  

Is it more common than I thought?

have you guys done it?

If you have... do you find really good stuff? 

Have you tried it and gotten infections? 

Should I try it? Obviously I won't be using the used lip stuff buuut....

If you do it on a reg basis... how do you clean the stuff?


What do you guys think?




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It is a thing.


I'd say about 98% is brand new product. Usually if the package is damaged, it is thrown out. Even if the product is untouched.


I've done exchanges with unopened boxes, and the associate just tossed the sealed unopened returned product into the trash.They don't even put it back into inventory.


If it's used product, use your judgement. But remember there are make-up sanitizers on the market like Beauty-So Clean that are very effective. So even mascaras and lipsticks and lip glosses with wand applicators can be sanitized with no problems. Again these are products that have been thrown out only 8 hours ago.


I haven't done any make-up dumpster diving, because the dumpsters are located inside the underground loading dock areas of malls and are accessed by key-coded doors. At least that was the setup years ago when I worked retail... And that's where the smoking area was also... 


And why don't employee's (Like Sephora and MAC) take thrown out products from the trash before it goes into the dumpster? Because of company policy and it's considered theft as security checks their bags when their shift ends, plus security cameras... 


I am sure some malls and stores have different setups as to where their dumpsters are located. But If you find a good one, go for it and happy hunting!

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I fell down that rabbit hole of dumpster diving youtube videos a few months ago! I couldn't believe people actually dumpster dived for makeup and other stuff and all the stuff they found. I'm too germaphobic to even consider it. It weirds me out, thinking of all the people that touched the samples and everything. Yeah it'd be awesome to find great treasures, but not worth the germs, dirt, and grime of going through the trash lol. 

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In a strange twist on the popular phenomenon of "haul videos," some YouTubers are recording themselves showing off thousands of dollars worth of makeup products they scavenge from dumpsters.

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In a strange twist on the popular phenomenon of "haul videos," some YouTubers are recording themselves showing off thousands of dollars worth of makeup products they scavenge from dumpsters.


Yeah @@laur818 just mentioned that...

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