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POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2017 *spoilers*

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I'd order if I could get a $$'s off code.... or else I'm just going to pass.

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I get the sense that I liked this one more than a lot of people did...this was 3 solid PSMH months in a row for me (March was terrible though).  I actually like getting boxes with a lot of consumables because the stuff doesn't clutter my life forever.


- I will definitely use the cuticle oil; I have terrible cuticles and always keep some on my desk for when I'm bored on conference calls

- The hat isn't my style, but I can always use a hat I don't mind getting sweaty and gross for keeping sun off my face at the beach and when I run

- I'd like to ban sea salt sprays from all boxes, but I hear the brand is nice so whatever

- I love that they include beachy reads every june and this one is supposed to be good; I'll read and then pass along

- I'll drink the starbucks and I ate the cookies upon opening the box (they were good)

- I'm trying to force myself to drink out of straws to avoid staining, so i'll use them

- I am a total pouch hoarder and I'll use it for sure

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My box finally came today and to be honest I had forgotten all about it so it was fun to open up today!


While maybe not the most exciting box I had fun with it and think the contents will be useful throughout the summer. 


The pouch is so cute and much bigger than I expected.  I think it will be very useful in a beach bag.  Love that aqua color too!


The hat oh the hat I feel kinda like Britney Spears in the hat LOL but its fun and outside at the pool or the privacy of the backyard it ll be used.


The cuticle oil- I was in dire need of this and didn't even know it will definitely happily use this whole bottle up. 


I m totally a straw gal and cute paper straws just make me happy :)


The hair stuff I sprayed it in gave more of a tousled just got out of bed look than wavy mermaidy but it smelled nice.  Is it strange that I m secretly hoping one day we ll get one of those mermaid tail blankets ha!


The frappachino and the snack-- the cookies look so cute haven't tasted them yet as for the drink are they all caramel flavored and is it an overwhelming caramel taste that is probably one of my least favorite flavors


Love getting a book in the summer.  Haven't really heard anything about this one and not if its really my cup of tea.  But will definitely give it a shot!  Anyone have any great summer book recs?


Hope everyone finds something they really enjoy in this box and hey july will be here be for we know it hopefully filled with super awesome stuff!!  Enjoy enjoy!!

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You guys I read the book on a plane this week and it was soooooooooooooo good.  Give it a chance!!!  I usually read about 50 books a year and this was one of the better ones I've read in 2017.

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You guys I read the book on a plane this week and it was soooooooooooooo good.  Give it a chance!!!  I usually read about 50 books a year and this was one of the better ones I've read in 2017.

Good to know I'm going to the OBX next month for vacation, I'll take it with me.

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