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Makeup help needed

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Hello all

thanks for reading my question. 

can someone please tell me where to buy professional makup from and more importantly what brand, that is reliable and trustworthy please. i google it and so many companies come up. I have been working in India up until now so not sure where to go in UK. I used makeup from India on a customer and she had a bad reaction so threw the lot away. I mainly deal with brown skins. 

I believe more people on here then reviews on sellers website as you never know if its real or paid 

any help and support would be much appreciated. 


have a nice day

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Well there have been some more competition in the market. As I personally saw at salon the person was using one unknown brand. He sold me that product and asked me to use it for a month which actually found to be great. I guess you could try candylove. I have been using it for over a month now and will purchase from the website when i need new. Also their eyelashes are quiet impressive as I used them and found to be really good.

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I shop at Sephora, but having been Rouge for a few years I’m projecting to spend about $200 there this year, almost entirely for replacement stuff. I’m pretty much finished there and don’t intend to patronize things heavily again. Given that, I’m likely to switch over to Shopper’s Drug Mart for most things that I don’t buy on-line. I get Optimum Points, and a senior’s discount on Thursdays so it’s just a matter of planning. I also buy quite a bit of skin care on line, usually through Amazon. But other than a couple of odds and ends, such as Stratia, I think I can use SDM for the bulk of that now as well.

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