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Totally overwhelmed

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I am 32 and have rosacea (just looks like i have a permanent blush on my cheeks, no pustules or anything like that). I know next to nothing about skin care and makeup. 

My usual routine is to scrub my face with a washcloth in the shower, throw on some everyday minerals powder foundation, maybe some mascara, and thats really it.

I dont moisturize, i dont use any special cleanser (sometimes i oil cleanse with a combo of castor oil, avocado oil, and a little tea tree oil) i dont even know where to start. Often i dont use any makeup at all, ive learned to live with a bit of redness and just not care. 

The other day i went into ulta (for the first time) and was sold some of the It Cosmetics CC+ foundation. I tried it at home and it seemed to look pretty good, so i wore it to work the next day (with some everyday minerals powder on top) and when i went into the restroom and looked in the mirror i was horrified. It was streaky and blotchy and looked like i had this awful mask on. It seemed to settle into every pore and imperfection and make them so much worse. It made me more self conscious than the redness. I blotted it off with a damp paper towel.


Im so overwhelmed, i have no idea what to do with my face. What to put on it or in what order. The everyday minerals worked fairly well but didnt have enough coverage to fully conseal the redness. But at least to looked like skin and not a blotchy, streaked mess.

Any suggestions before i return the IT Cosmetics CC+ and give up?

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Hi @Lucky_13 ! I totally get your overwhelm! My cousin also has pretty bad rosacea, and she's lamented these same frustrations. I don't know her exact routine, but I do know that she is very very gentle with her skin. I'd reconsider scrubbing your face every day with a washcloth because I know the abrasiveness can simply worsen symptoms without making you actually any cleaner. Cream or foam cleansers are probably best! Secondly, I do know that my cousin has been happy with Jane Iredale powder and foundation. The foundation comes in a clear bottle and the product comes in beaded form that you pump out. The foundation beads are suspended in an aloe-based serum that cools, moisturizes, and calms red skin while the foundation does the covering up. :) I don't think it's sold at Ulta though. I've always personally liked Clinique and I know they are known to be great for sensitive skin types, and they usually have a section in Ulta (and can try it on you or give you samples first). Maybe give that a shot! Best of luck! 

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