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My daughter is in 8th grade now. She is going to a public school nearby our home now. She has always hated going to school because she doesn't have any friends there and has faced a little bit of bullying in the beginning due to her accent. I am planning to move her to a private school for her high school which I feel like she might be comfortable with. I'm looking for good private high schools here. A friend here recommended me this private school called Cestar High School. Do you have any other recommendations? Also, I'd like to know your opinion on my decision to change her school.

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I can see why you would want to move her to a private school, but I would suggest taking a look at other local schools that she could go to as well and then see what you think.

There might be just as good public schools out there, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. Unfortunately, kids can be cruel and even in a private school bullying might still take place :( But I do see the appeal, hoping private schools will crack down on it more and the calibre and upbringing of the children there will know better.

Take your child around these schools (inc the private one) to have a look at and see what she thinks under their first impression, although you can't get a true representation until you're actually there.

Just remember, you can always move her whatever decision you choose, it doesn't have to be final until she is happy :) 

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I think bullying exists whether in public or private or school.  Bullying even happens in the workplace.  I'm not an expert but I think the better way is to be a supportive mother by equipping her on how to face every situation by raising a bully-proof-child.  Build her confidence so she can stand up for herself.  If she's having a problem with her accent, maybe you can hire her a tutor to improve that.   Let her make friends with good children (it would lessen the bullying when she's around her close friends).  She can also learn some simple self-defense.  She can enroll in some classes that will build her self-defense skills and instill in her discipline so as not to be a bully herself once she learned the skills. 

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