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Asian Skincare problem

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Im a fan of korean/japanese skin routine, and since i follow my skin got a little better but..my skin is combination with oily cheeks and nose and normal/dry skin around moreover its ultimately sensitive to everything i use. I read a lot of articles watched many yt videos and can't rly understand why people say stuff they use helped them a lot for the greasy nose and can see the difference but from tons of things i've been using during my skin care routine nothing rly works for my nose.. Each day i wake up with literally water on my nose.. i use nothing i put no cream on my nose during night beacue no matter what i use its going to end up being with large ugly pores or greasy and water around -.- I used to put a little of watering gel on it but i simply stopped. I peel my face cheeks nose regularly use egg for pores but more the black head mask that seem to do a little better job but after 2 days ..bump same thing >.< When i lived in my country in Europe no matter the cosmetic i use for cleanasing my face always end up having allergy.. red spots or so large pores even things recommended for my skin type didnt work, that i started to use apple/lemon acid type to brighten the dark spots from acne and Salicylic acid i bought the "most gentle for skin" with chamomile to calm the skin as well and from natural type drugstore so no parabens or other chemicals but.. ended up using on my nose only since was drying my skin out.. I can't use any micelar waters either all of them drying my skin out..so started with foams.                                                               

People keep advising oils for korean skin routine but no matter the oil i ever used always ended up with red oily cheeks.. i mean why would you recommend oil.. to put to a oil lol but anyways since i moved to Japan and got skincare products here.. I picked up Perfect Whip from Shiseido and was a good choice! beacaue i was looking for something that would have moisturize as well for my other parts of face and somehow balance my greasy parts. Oil seems to be reduced and face look nicer brighter and moisturized. After some time of experimenting with different types of japanese cosmetics and before in my country i realized my skin reacts to alcohol resulting in red like swollen cheeks probably some chemicals in it as well if not like 98% of world's cosmetics were filled with alcohol.. About cream for face.. i still have practically none specified i only use whitening gel from hada labo and light hyaluronic acid lotion from same brand (which seems to calm my cheeks a little which is good and also moisturizes it) Its very difficult to find a cream/lotion or whatever that would hydrate/moisturize at the same time for many hours and not make any greasiness in mentioned spots. Gel from hada labo goes pretty well with my bb cream which i battled the problem of my skin and none was really good.. foundations i used to use always ended up having skin coming out or making allergy. The one that i'm absolutely in love with (discovered in my country) and keeps my skin nice glowing for almost all day is gold VIP bb cream from skin79. I tested couple of bb creams from japan but none seems good to me.. they're either being too grey on my face or falling apart after some time like missha.. which suppose to be "the top rated" ended up as a eye concealer but its getting into the lines after a while so im thinking about disposing it. Any other concealer seemed not good with tone or gather into the lines, "calypso salmon" too dark for me yet creating lines and kind of flaky as well. My eye area is normally dry, so i have to hydrate it a lot with many things i have >.> I like a little of yellow color on my face so not completly white.. I don't rly like bb creams that change my skin color but what im going for is bb cream that can enhance, nutrice and slightly brighten my skin color and missha makes me pale for me like sick..but for eyes i need something lighter and missha is too heavy for skin. Honestly think i'll end up using hot pink version from skin79 for undereye since texture looks smooth and very bright.                                                   

I also realized after long time that wearing any beauty masks is rather waste of time no matter what they all poured with some alcohols and always ending up with swollen red cheeks and bumps on my face.. So instead for now im using natural algae masks. Next thing, in japanese/korean rutine you can use sleeping masks but before morning would probably end up with my face under water >.> with very greasy cheeks unless i cut the space for cheeks and nose and leave it for night xD   So yea pain in the a** >.< Also going back to oils which are so popular in korean routine but also japanese too, it suppose to clean the pores.. honey and sugar also suppose to clean it so i started from these.. and result was red swollen nose with even bigger pores..-.- so guess wont be buying black sugar from skin food either.. despite it being recommended for my skin type.. Any ideas of how to deal with my oversensitive combination skin to go with asian routine?

What i'm looking for if you could please recommend after reading my skin problems:

*other foams/cleanasers that could balance my oily/dry skin and not harm it but moisturize as well                                                                                         

*good korean cream for day time that would work out with bb cream     

*anti-aging essance from korea/japan or night serum                                                                                                                                                     

*some other good types of lotions/toners for combin sensitive skin?                                                                                                                                

*good under eye concealer for dry skin that would not go into lines or be flaky                                                                                                                    

*any good primer there that would workout without clogging pores at the same time? :x                                                                                                     

*perhaps any other bb creams or asian type foundations?                  

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