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I'm up in the night again. Instead of shopping online, I'm going to start a beauty inventory.

I have a new idea. Ipsy has an amazing beauty profile quiz. It's so detailed. It asks you how often you want to receive each specific type of product, color, and fragrance note. Ipsy this month is sending me a purple nail polish, and I'm excited, as I have only a few polishes, and no purple. This got me thinking: what if I could do an inventory, and fill out the Ipsy quiz based not on what I like, which is what I usually do, but based on my inventory. Then I could justify getting Ipsy and having a No Buy project pan. Interesting experiment, no? 

First, mascara. I have 15 mascaras. They are all from sub boxes, sets, or GWP. I just got the Too Faced mascara in February Boxycharm. I am currently using an old Maybelline from a Target sub box. I have nice minis by Dior and By Terry, but I am waiting to finish my older ones before using them. They are all black, but I have one primer and one brown. Wish I had that dupe for YSL Burgundy - from L'Oreal, I think? So I am going to enter that I only want mascara rarely on the Ipsy quiz. 


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Eyeshadow. It was difficult to do an inventory on my eyeshadow colors, as some palettes combine different color families. It was enlightening. I found that I have:

Neutrals - Counted 14 sample cards, 26 pans. I love the Broadway Athena palette I picked up at Dollar General - has 6 neutral pans and 6 smokey pans as far as I can tell. The Sistina Tuscan Sunset palette from Cosmetique is a nice neutral one. 

Smokey - Counted 4 sample cards, 22 pans. I have an Yves Rocher smokey eye palette, and a Vera Valenti grey palette. 

Blues - Have only 4 sample cards and one pan, in my Cosmetique Sistina Venice Moonlights palette. 

Greens - Have four sample cards, and 2 pans - one in Deck of Scarlet palette, and one in Cosmetique Sistina Venice Moonlights palette. 

Plums - Counted 9 sample cards and 8 pans. Have Vera Valenti pinks palette, and some plum in the Venice Moonlights palette. 

Adventurous - None. 

I din't realize what I had. I need to set up my Ipsy to send blues and greens, rarely neutral and smokey. And I don't need to sub to Boxycharm to get eye palettes! 








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Eye liners. I have 6, 4 black and 2 brown, and no other colors. The one with the illustrated card is Kevyn Aucoin, my pride and joy. I have a black and a brown from Cosmetique kits. Eyeko from Birchbox. A brown from Deck of Scarlet. A double ended one from Korea - one end is plain grey, the other end shimmer grey. I don't need any more black or brown liners - I need different colors. 

Brow products. I only have 3 brow products. I have some Chella and Tarte brow gel, and a L'Oreal pencil that has a clear wax on the other end. I actually do not like the bold brow trend. I actually always wanted thin and delicate brows, like Marisa Berenson in the 70s, or Biba. I love the way 1970s makeup had a 20s and 30s influence. That type of brow is hard to achieve. 




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Red lipstick. I have only 4 samples and 1 full size of red lipstick. Mary Kay, MAC, and YSL sample cards, and full sized Cosmetique Red Glorioso. 

1 sample and 3 full size I put into the category of berry tones.

Looks like I had 5 samples and 9 full sized neutrals, mostly brown toned pinks. My pride and joy - Besame 1970 Chocolate Kiss. 

Once again, too many neutrals, not enough other colors. I recently wanted a subtle green shade from the L'Oreal Balmain collection called Instinct. I need to sign off of neutral lipsticks and sign up for other options. 

Doing this has been tiring and discouraging. I feel ready to declutter. Maybe I'm ready to follow that project pan book I bought from Thrifty Beauty! Stay tuned ... 





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