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Sephora Play! April 2019

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I can't believe I've never received a Sephora Play! box. I'm always too late signing up, or sign up and cancel. I'm going to try it this month. What I would wish for from the spoilers:

  • Klorane Eye Makeup Remover - have always loved the brand
  • UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion - actually do not have any eyeshadow primer so something I need!
  • Dr Jart CC Cream 
  • Devacurl Low Shampoo
  • Replica Music Festival
  • Moschino Fresh Couture 

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Cancelled already. They don't send the pretty bags any more. Don't need dry shampoo, thanks.

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I take that back. I signed up again. I want the Woodstock perfume. Also I started this topic as the April 2019 bag, and it is the March one I was talking about. I am so confused with all the boxes, because I am now following the Ipsy April spoilers. I am suffering from beauty subscription box overload! :wub:

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Posted (edited)

I kept cancelling and resubscribing to Play! this month. I always do that. Then the night before the cut off, I was up half the night and I watched the spoiler video. I decided to try to hack the profile. I realized that Sephora only sends a limited universe of samples. And in the spoiler video, they tell you what type of skin or hair type the samples are for. So if I wanted a certain sample, I could select that on my profile, and leave everything else blank. I wanted the Dr. Jart cream, and they said it was for red uneven skin types, so I checked that on my profile and left everything else blank. I wanted the Woodstock perfume so, so bad (Replica Music Festival), and I saw in some really quick shots that it was in the box variant with the Dr. Jart. I wanted the Devacurl, so I lied and said I had frizz. I did NOT want dry shampoo or those peel pads, so I unchecked oily skin and fine oily hair, my real type. After all that, I was finally drifting off to sleep, but my brain said "No, get up and cancel!" So I did, then I regretted it. Now today I recalled in the Play! FAQs it says that sometimes, if you sub before the 15th, you may still be able to get this month's box. So I thought I'd give it a try. I subscribed again. And when I looked on my profile, it said I was getting the Dr. Jart and the Woodstock perfume. Plus Shiseido, Nars, and Sephora mascara. I do love the Sephora brand products. Oh wishes come true - will I be getting it? It gave me a coupon for the insider points for the month too. I didn't get Devacurl, but I got Ouai and not dry shampoo! I never tried Play! before, but I think they send really practical stuff. The only thing I am sad about is no more cute drawstring bags. Those were pretty. 

When I was looking this up I got tempted by a new Tocca Stella On The Go Gift Set. Antique Crystal, Cinderella's carriage, hand finished decorated metal cap, no two are the same, it's just beautiful, Not TOO bad of a price. I want one! Do they have good samples today? They only let you get two now. I would get the Drunk Elephant and the Aerin. by rosie jane - have not seen her since Beauty Army! Uh, why am I so bad? 

WOW - all the new Tocca sets are quite stunning. Especially "Ten Days of Tocca". 

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