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Makeup, Hair, Character Design Sheets and Continuity!!!

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Hi everyone!! This is  about a free resource that I’ve created to share with the community of makeup, hair, sfx, bodypainting artists and whoever else might need it!!

I m Panos Kondylis, mostly working on the film and tv industry (in the past did editorials and fashion shows)
Here is a youtube video (there is one on IGTV also) quickly showing how it works. 

On the link below (it’s a Gumroad store) you can download a bundle of character sheets! Design, Continuity, Wig Measurements etc. 


Useful material for use in film, tv, video, fashion and more. Hopefully they will help maximise productivity in the time consuming process of designing many different looks and keeping continuity on set. 

The material is divided in three categories:

- Sketches : digitally paint and design your looks

- Digital Sheets : Sheets you can easily import the sketches or other photos, as well as continuity photos, and fill all the details, notes and forms. The free Acrobat Reader is necessary in order to properly use the pdfs.

- Traditionall Sheets : Sheets that you can again use AAR to digitally enter all notes and info in the forms, but have embedded sketches for you to print and hand-paint or design. 

This bundle has many many hours of designing and research along with its information material, but it's still offered for free, in order to help evolve our industry and help each other out. Of course any contribution will be appreciated and mostly it will fund upcoming material! (I am currently working on two more bundles)

Make sure to subscribe to the store! Many more material will be uploaded soon. 

Share with your friends and colleagues the link to the store, and don't manually share the files, as this will help ARK Fx Gumroad Store build an audience that will be interested in further products and materials.

Thank you all and I hope you'll find it useful. 

If you have any feedback for further updating the bundle feel free to contact me via email, website or here!! Thank you guys!  

Once again the link : https://gum.co/atYjX and my website arkfx.eu

Anyone with specific questions and such, feel free to contact me!!! 
Here is a youtube video (there is one on IGTV also) quickly showing how it works. 


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