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    • No, it does not affect my self-esteem either way.  Tbh I feel most confident when I'm not wearing makeup.  Perhaps makeup application can be seen by many women as a form of self-care but it's actually more hygienic not to wear it often (sounds weird but it's true), and imo women are coerced into its application by jobs, other women, and men.  Women are pressured to perform femininity or they will be met with violence, which doesn't stop at makeup application (which is a skill not an art form).
    • Week 2 of my new plan, with my new concept of time as two mini work weeks (Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat) and two mini weekends (Thursday and Sunday). I think this will help with not getting as tired during the work week or bored during the weekends. Being bored during the weekends leads to spending on shopping or eating! I like the new plan so far.  I finished my full sized Yves Rocher White Botanical Cleanser. That's the White Botanical Cleanser and Toner done, and a few days of Cream left. The goal for the rest of July is to use that cream up along with one pack of 20 face cleansing cloths.  I have a nine month supply of cleanser and cleansing cloths to finish. 
    • My Dark/royal blue glittery eye makeup For eid 2020 . i need your reviews please leave comments .Thank you
    • Almost all people nowadays uses a smartphone, that is why.

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