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Jan 25, 2024
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Hey all - I have a bit of an odd question…
How do you all go about finding shades that work for you? Like lipsticks, foundation matches, even things like eyeshadow, blushes or nail polishes.
I know some brands have online shade matching or lipstick trying but there isn’t really like an all encompassing place to compare brands and products and try them out before throwing down a bunch of money (and makeup is expensive). If there was a platform like that, would you want it or find it unnecessary? I definitely struggle with that but it could be because I feel like with my skin tone, so many colors either wash me out or make me look sick so I’m toying with creating something myself but was curious if it would even be helpful or not.
Anyways, just wondering what everyone does and if you’d be interested in a platform like that at all!

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