Would plastic surgery help me?

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Jul 7, 2024
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Los angeles

I’m never men’s first choice. They breadcrumb me, ghost me, and treat me like crap. I try hard with dating. The last guy dated the entire time he was talking to his ex-girlfriend behind my back. He dumped me for his ex-girlfriend. He basically just ghosted me. The last guy dated ghosted me for his ex-girlfriend also and then rubbed her in my face. I feel depressed about the way I look. It thinks that guys only treat women like queens unless they’re super conventionally attractive.

I look in the mirror for hours, and I think about getting jaw surgery because I’m so sad about my face. All I want is to be 7/10-10/10 so that men treat me right. I feel like I’ll never get to that point unless I get extensive surgery. I cry over my appearance for hours because all I want to be is conventionally attractive so that I get treated well.

How can I fix my face to be 7/10-10/10? How can I become more conventionally attractive?

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