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Online US Shopping Spree - Advice Please!

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#1 Monika1


Posted 27 November 2013 - 12:19 AM

OK folks, I'm looking for advice please!


I can now order some polish sold (and delivered) in the Continental US as we'll be visiting and I can pick it up! Yay! Because of the agenda, I likely will not have time to shop when I visit, so I'll have to order online, get it delivered, and pick it up when I am visiting.


My collection isn't very big (50 including minis), so I'll be super excited to get some great creams of various colours and some variety in other polishes and goodies. I really want to stick with 3/4-free and ideally 5-free polishes. I'm not nuts about glitters but occasionally enjoy a little bit. I want more colour range for nail art and general use. I'm excited about most colours, love blue, want to get more nudes, but am not looking for gobs of yellows, golds, or reds, though a few more is fine.


I really regret missing the Zoya sale - I didn't have the travel plans yet then. So, which sites should I order from to grow my collection in an inexpensive way (given slightly older releases are also fair game!) and what collections/polishes would you recommend? Are there sites like 8ty8beauty you would recommend? Are there any you would warn against for potential fakes? Also what 3-free+ quick-dry topcoats would you recommend? Poshé has been mentioned - thank-you!


Yeah, this is a super broad question, but if you were starting from almost scratch and looking to save some money, what would you get? I'm thinking in the order of 50 polishes and some nail art things - maybe plates, a good replacement clean-up brush???, some rhinestones and glue (is China better for that?), all dependent on super prices. :)


Thanks everyone!



#2 newmakemom


Posted 27 November 2013 - 08:08 PM

Hey Monika:


I'm a self professed nail polish lover too (over 800 bottles) so hopefully I can help you out a bit.  I'm not sure where you live but I'm assuming you can have polish mailed to you or the shipping is so high it's not worth it. In shopping for polish I mainly go with brand first because that determines if the brand is 3 free/5 free and where it's sold & how readily available it is to me. I shop for nail polish EVERYWHERE (drug stores, grocery stores, thrift stores, garage sales, online & blog sales...more on that later). Older collections might not offer healthier options for you so not sure you want to go that route.


Some brands that might be on interest to you would be Julep (online only monthly nail polish subscription club but also sold at HSN-Home SHopping Network or QVC), SpaRitual (they are a vegan nail polish brand), Orly (sold at CVS drug stores, Sally Beauty Supply & numerous online retailers), Deborah Lippmann (sold at Nordstroms, HSN (or it might be QVC), Butter London (online, Ulta, Macy's & various dept stores), there are SO many more Priti NYC & numerous indie nail polish makers (too many to name but I'm sure some of the ladies will chime in with their faves).


Not having time to shop will really limit you in not being able to really choose what you want unless you looked up swatches already. I would try Walgreens, CVS or RIteAid since alot of these stores are having some great specials due to Black Friday. I also love Sinful Colors and Wet n Wild but not sure if these are 3-4 or 5 free.


I've found alot of polish on blog sales but you just have to make sure it's worth your while with shipping. the website Color4Nails is great for finding brands that don't normally ship to the U.S.


Hope this helps...


#3 Monika1


Posted 28 November 2013 - 07:25 PM

@newmakemom thank-you for your comments. To clarify for everyone as I honestly wasn't very clear in my initial note:


I will shop online from home.

I will set delivery to my friend in New York state.

In December I will visit New York and pick up my goodies!


So what I'm looking for is super online sites! Zoya, for example, only delivers to US, so that will be one! But any with good deals on good polish are exciting for me! :)

#4 mayra3

  • LocationNYC

Posted 28 November 2013 - 07:29 PM

if you want a large collection of color i would suggest formula x's the twenty two. the formula is amazing & lasts a while. if you want more nail art stuff i suggest getting ciate's nail lab.


both are sold at sephora.com

#5 Monika1


Posted 04 December 2013 - 09:59 PM

Originally Posted by Mayrax3 View Post

if you want a large collection of color i would suggest formula x's the twenty two. the formula is amazing & lasts a while. if you want more nail art stuff i suggest getting ciate's nail lab.


both are sold at sephora.com

Thank-you @Mayrax3!

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