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Proper Lighting for Makeup Application

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#1 Aquilah


Posted 26 April 2006 - 09:16 PM

I've always been told it's best to apply your makeup in natural lighting, such as sunlight. While we get awesome sunlight throughout our house, I generally apply it in the bathroom, and we all know how deceptive bathroom lighting can be! Does anyone have suggestions on the best kind of bulbs or whatnot for applying makeup in bathrooms? We have the new GE Natural Light bulbs which are supposed to mimic daylight, but I haven't tried them in the bathroom yet... Anyway, I appreciate suggestions!!!
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#2 prettybabi11492


Posted 26 April 2006 - 09:44 PM

Except that I know nothing about bulbs... sorry! Good luck ;)

#3 Retro-Violet


Posted 26 April 2006 - 10:19 PM

i have the crappiest lighting in my apt. and it doesnt help that in WA (like today) there is lots of over-cast. so i have to do it in the crappy bathroom lighting or in the worse living room lighting.

#4 pieced


Posted 26 April 2006 - 11:26 PM

When I don't feel like standing while applying makeup, I come to my study, and I have a normal 60W light bulb in y lamp, and it actually gives better results that the normal light...

#5 pinkbundles


Posted 26 April 2006 - 11:36 PM

sorry hun! i know nothing about light bulbs. i generally i apply makeup by the window and pull my shades up to let as much light as possible.
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#6 monniej


Posted 27 April 2006 - 12:31 AM

well, i'm not sure how much good it does, but i installed one of those fixtures that holds 3 bulbs right over my bathroom mirror. i use 3 60 watt bulbs in it and i love the way my makeup turns out most days.

#7 makeupfreak72


Posted 27 April 2006 - 12:41 AM

i have a huge window right next to my bed, and i just sit on my bed put out all my makeup on my bed and i do my makeup right in front of the natural light from my window!!! try setting up your stuff in front of a window, what you see is what you'll get when you go outside!!
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#8 Aquilah


Posted 27 April 2006 - 12:42 AM

In my first apartment we had a vanity mirror over our sink, and it had 3 vanity bulbs. I'd look great under the light, and then look weird when I wasn't in it. Same with another house I lived in: Both bathroom had vanity lights, and I looked different in each one. My husband only buys 60W or 100W bulbs, so there isn't much choice there... I reckon I'll go back to putting it on in front of the patio door... Although, if my FOTDs I did look okay, then maybe the bathroom isn't killing me totally *lol*
"This is life not heaven, you don't have to be perfect."

#9 4getmeNot


Posted 27 April 2006 - 02:18 AM

i have sucky lighting in my bathroom and no windows! so i just try the best i can. in sunlight you can see your flaws so much better.
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#10 emily_3383


Posted 27 April 2006 - 02:35 AM

i have bad lighting too and sometimes i put on way too much eyeshadow. lol

#11 Jennifer


Posted 27 April 2006 - 03:05 AM

those bulbs sound interesting! i do mine by my window and with the help of my bedroom light, so i'm no help :(

#12 Marisol


Posted 27 April 2006 - 06:15 AM

Same here/

#13 Aquilah


Posted 27 April 2006 - 06:22 AM

It's not necessarily a problem as I think I've just mentally adjusted applying my makeup so it's not too dark or anything. Since I generally wear shades of brown for e/s, it's not a problem there. It's more for when I'm using a new foundation/powder combo that I worry. Although, I also need to remember makeup needs to "set" too. Like I said, I just need to start putting it on in front of the patio door again at the dining room table *lol*
"This is life not heaven, you don't have to be perfect."

#14 Jennifer


Posted 27 April 2006 - 08:27 AM

LOL hey, if it'll help, then go for it ;)

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