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Coralista dupe?

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#1 Pipsweet


Posted 25 March 2009 - 03:28 PM

Hi guys!

Today I got my face done at the Benefit counter, which was great fun, and asked to try out Coralista. Obviously I loved it, but as a student barely able to afford food, I genuinely couldn't justify a £22.50 blusher to myself haha! Such is life.

Just wondered if you guys had any cheaper suggestions for a slightly shimmery pinkycoral blush?

#2 bella1342


Posted 25 March 2009 - 03:49 PM

Well there's a thread on Coralista already, and I posted the closest dupe would be NARS Orgasm. It is pretty close anyway.. but that is just as expensive as the Coralista.

People say Milani Luminous is a good dupe of Nars Orgasm though... so maybe that? I have luminous though, and on me it is fairly different from NARS Orgasm. Milani is under $5 though.

#3 StereoXGirl


Posted 25 March 2009 - 04:08 PM

In that picture, it does look a lot like NARS "Orgasm"...

#4 aisulila


Posted 25 March 2009 - 04:57 PM

Coralista supposedly has less shimmer and is less peachy and more pink than Orgasm, that's what I heard.
I have Luminous and it has SERIOUS shimmer and stuff. It's sheer, and I honestly wish it has less shimmer and more pigment. It's buildable, though.

#5 emily_3383


Posted 25 March 2009 - 05:02 PM

Any coral blush.

#6 Pipsweet


Posted 25 March 2009 - 05:35 PM

Originally Posted by emily_3383 View Post
Any coral blush.
Um, helpful?

#7 emily_3383


Posted 25 March 2009 - 05:54 PM

Originally Posted by Pipsweet View Post
Um, helpful?
Every company has a coral blush/Orgasm dupe/Benefit so basically. SEARCH for Orgasm dupe.

#8 incredichele


Posted 25 March 2009 - 06:24 PM

Orgasm most likely! I love that stuff. I need to get a new one, I've panned it! Good luck!

#9 akathegnat


Posted 25 March 2009 - 06:58 PM

I was hoping for this answer too, and I would like to find a dupe for their Thrrrob also....

#10 blueangel1023


Posted 26 March 2009 - 06:40 AM

NARS orgasm/torrid are in the same coral familiy
If you like MAC I'd say go for springsheen or fafi hipness
Drugstore brand that would be close to that coral family will be Milani Luminous or Revlon Perfectly Peach
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#11 pinksugar


Posted 26 March 2009 - 06:56 AM

yes, I was thinking mac springsheen, but it's quite expensive. Milani is def. a good alternative!

#12 davinaa


Posted 26 March 2009 - 06:34 PM

You can try Rimmel's Santa Rose blush. It's extremely inexpensive (even less than Milani) and it's a great dupe for Nars Orgasm.

#13 GillT


Posted 26 March 2009 - 07:18 PM

Originally Posted by davinaa View Post
You can try Rimmel's Santa Rose blush. It's extremely inexpensive (even less than Milani) and it's a great dupe for Nars Orgasm.
Hopefully this isn't considered off topic. I've never tried Rimmel blushes- are they any good? Pigmentation I suppose isn't a huge problem since I'm so pale that I have to be careful how much I apply but it has been known for blushes to have such poor pigmentation that even on me I have to pile it on to see it and in the pan it was pretty dark (I'm talking to you Max Factor!).
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