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    • How it feels to be shopping too much after being on No Buy for a year It's been almost a month now of shopping too much after breaking my No Buy, and I've had a lot of feelings of sadness, guilt, and anxiety. I feel worse than ever about my shopping, because it's creating cognitive dissonance with the new habits I set up last year. I have noticed the following thoughts and feelings: Rip Van Winkle/ROMO Effect - I did not keep up with beauty boxes and promos through all of 2018. I was blissfully ignorant. When I began shopping again, I saw many things I missed during the year, and now have ROMO (Regret on Missing Out). For example, I became aware of all the Sephora Play! Smarts boxes from last year, and wanted to buy them from eBay! This is a little overwhelming! All the dazzling new things and exciting, new to me box programs like Boxyluxe and Ipsy upgrades are even more tempting as I have been away so long.  I feel selfish. When I'm shopping for myself, I feel I should be saving the money to help family members. I began to contribute and share more with family during my No Buy, and now I feel bad focusing so much on myself again. I complained to my cousin that I was sad that my New Years resolutions were a failure. In the middle of all my haul packages I had a little package from her with a Celtic charm in a little green bag and inspirational bookmarks. I felt bad, because she has it really rough. Her husband works for the government, so he has been out of work in this cruel winter. Here she is sending me a package. I should be doing for her and for my other family members instead of all this selfish hauling.  I'm scared of getting a lot of new stuff! This is new. For a year I had a system. Everything was organized just so. I knew how much I had of each thing. I was getting close to the end of using all my back stocks of skin and hair care. Now when I go to haul, I want to buy things, but then I feel bad because there won't be room for them in the storage I have set up, and it will take me that much longer to use everything. I did not feel this way before being on No Buy for a year.  I learned a little bit about what really works for me during the No Buy year. I did a whole year of painstaking experimentation with Mary Kay eye shadow sample cards, and learned that many colors don't work for me. When shopping resumed, I was ready to grab for anything with a pretty package again, but then I recalled that those shades do not work for me. When I see all the fabulous new things, and get new things in the mail, it makes the things I have look old and tired. When I was not shopping, I loved my things, and I would not dream of parting with them. But when I began seeing new things, I had an impulse to throw the old stuff out, which my No Buy self would be dead against.  I'm scared of going into more debt. I worked so hard to pay off debt through all of 2018, and I have been opening up new credit cards to shop. I keep telling myself I'll use them in a controlled way, but that never worked in the past. I'm scared and want them to hurry up and come in the mail so I can close them. I won't have peace of mind until I can get rid of them.  This whole mess up has left me feeling depressed. The bad feelings outweigh the fun, yet part of me still wants to buy. I want to try to do it in a controlled way. I'm hoping I'll be calming down since it's been almost a month now.  I guess these feeling of cognitive dissonance show that my No Buy was a success in that it set up good habits or new attitudes, but my No Buy self is fighting, fighting, with my old shopping self. 
    • I got another little Shop Miss A haul: Enamel Clover Stud Earrings in White - very beautiful Barielle nail treatment cream Nail Strengthener in a pen form with a brush at the end  Body oils - African Musk; Baby Powder; White Linen Type - these smell good, especially the African Musk.  Excellent buy for $6.00.  Two more Shop Miss A hauls on the way. 
    • I calmed down since I saw the new Wet and Wild Rebel Rose Collection. I was so excited when I first saw it, and wanted to get the complete collection box for $59.99! I ended up just ordering the Rose Multi-Use Oil for now. It's the item I wanted most - it's in a beautiful glass bottle and has actual rose petals floating inside the bottle. I love it! For $7.99, I think it's a great buy!  Next on my list would be the gorgeous black rose deign blush brush for $7.99. And maybe the toner for $7.99. I think I can be happy with just those three items. I narrowed it down, but man I am in love with this line! Wet and Wild says this collection marks a new direction of them beginning to get into skin care. I am excited for that, because if this is a sign of things to come, we will be able to have beautiful packaging and ingredients at a great price. 
    • I resubscribed to Birchbox yesterday! I am excited about it again. They just came out with March sample choice. It's looking good. March box: Cream, pink, and navy floral - I really like it. Sample Choice: The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream  thisworks deep sleep pillow spray  amika Reset Pink Charcoal Cleansing Oil (my favorite) - a pre shampoo treatment Curated Box:  Benefit BADGal BANG! mascara Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse Luxie Beauty 213 Eye Shading Rose Gold Brush - I keep getting this from Ipsy and now it has followed me to Birchbox, lol ModelCo Metallic Eye Shadow Trio  My Clarins RE-CHARGE Relaxing Sleep Mask - My Clarins is new to me. Apparently it's a new range for younger skins.  Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil - oil to milk formula, evening primrose oil, glamorous midnight blue bottle - love it.  I am jealous of: Birchbox Spain has a great Game of Thrones edition Birchbox currently. The box is really pretty, and they have a better card  - it is like a greeting card that is folded in two, has a photo of an eye look, and a sneak peek of next month on the back. Then, the customer got a coupon for two free months of HBO. The unboxing video I saw had a good sized tube of Whish Vanilla Lip Scrub and a huge hand cream.  
    • I recommend Ulta Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette, $20.00 with free gift (Ulta.com) Shades include: Champagne: light golden tan shimmer Pink: light pink shimmer Hopeless Romantic: medium mauve with silver shimmer Chandelier: medium brown with golden shimmer Luxe: deep reddish brown with pink shimmer Dahlia: deep plum with pink glitter Prosecco: light cream matte Bubbles: light pink matte Breathless: medium mauve matte Dessert: deep cool brown matte Sweetheart: deep rich reddish brown matte Orchid: deep violet matte   Hope that helps, you are a nice husband. 

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