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Oct 26, 2006
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hmm..lately my daughter has been asking me for a sister. I'm contemplating on the idea but not sure. Having one chid is easier than two, i think. but, there are advantages of having two as well.

I want to know how many of you have another one based on the first childs need? Were you just set on having one until your lil one asks, when will i have a brother or sister? Did that sway your decision to have another one?

Well, I always wanted 2 daughters, and luckily, that's what the good Lord gave me. Cyera wanted a little brother or sister, but it never really swayed me since I already had it planned she'd have at least one sibling.

I think the best thing for you to do is really think about if you want one, two, or however many children. Make sure you discuss it with your husband, because obviously you're not alone in this.

I can say, definitely think about the age difference issue. There's a HUGE gap in ages between my sisters and I (6 and 13 years with two; 9 and 14 with the other two), and I didn't want that for my kids. Unfortunately, there's still a 6 year age difference with them.

Overall, I think this is something you first need to decide on if YOU want it before worrying about what your daughter wants. Then, definitely talk to your husband once you've made up your mind. Cause honestly, if it's not something you both want, then maybe you can sway your daughter into having a pet instead (not to be sarcastic at all, I swear!).

How old is she?

You know, if she is older - she may be able to help you with the baby! So maybe having 2 wouldn't be as tough as you would think?

I only have one - but I definatly want to have another some day.

Personally, if she feels like that is something that should be happening and you are ready and comfortable, you should start trying! That't my opinion.

They would have a lifetime friend! I am so glad that I have a brother and sister. I don't know how I would have gotten by being an only child.

My hubby and I both talked about it..and well he wants a sibling but at the same time he's happy how things are. I've always been the only child and it would be nice to have a sibling. I don't my daughter to be the only child because it was really lonely growing up from my experience..In addition I think i'm hesitant cuz i refused to use drugs when i was in labour and i still have that recurring thought in my head..and i'm thinking...yeaaa, it'd be nice...and on the other hand....argh..pain! NO!

My hubby wants a sibling for charlie..and on the other hand..it's nice to live a comfortable life with one as well. I guess, if i could have it this comfortable with two..then i think i would..

My daughter will be 4 in january.

You can plan - see if you have the financial support to handle another child, and if it's what you really want

Well I don't have any children but I wanted a brother or sister when I was 2 and a year later I got one.
Definitely work on a budget and see if it's possible anytime soon. The pet idea is great if you can afford a bit extra but not too much.

I think my kids liked having each other around...mostly. There will always be sibling friction, but they always got along with each other when we were living in remote places. I also think that having them close in age was a good thing as they were growing up.

since ur daughter is going to be 4 now will be the good time to try if u decide u want one.. can't make the decision for u.. good luck!

The only way i'd ever have one child, and that's it... is if after the first child, i physically couldn't have anymore kids. In that case, i'd want to adopt one. I think having an only child is very sad for that child. I know MANY kids who are a couple's "only child", and they're very lonely... and longing for a sibling. It's just my opinion, but I could never do that to my child. Of course there is always a flipside, and I've seen very happy kids who are the only child... but in my experience with cousins/friends/family... they want/need that other sibling.

to be honest I think children that have no siblings don't interact as well with other people as those who have lots of relatives. That's definately just a generalisation, because there will always be 'only children' who are very outgoing and get along very well with others, but speaking from personal experience, I was quite shy as a child and having a sister made me get out there and try different things. we borrow each other's clothes, go on holiday together.. sure sometimes she drives me insane but I think I've been much better off spiritually or emotionally by having a sister.

If you can afford it I don't think you'd ever regret the decision to have another

good luck!