10 Golden Rules for Sales Shopping!

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May 6, 2004
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Is your wardrobe cluttered with summer sales mistakes? Follow the Ten Golden Rules to make sure you never come home with another frightful frock or lycra-nightmare again!

Rule 1
Avoid the first day. Yes, I know that all the best bargains are to be had on the first day of the sales, but the push and shove of Day 1 doesn't lend itself to trying-on and careful consideration...

Rule 2 (or how to break Rule 1)
Clever shoppers know when the sales are coming round - and earmark purchases to make the moment they start. Trying on the things you like the look of in advance makes you ready to swoop and shop - like a professional!

Rule 3
Don't buy it in the sale unless you'd seriously consider buying it at full price. A bargain is not a bargain if you never wear it. Euro 20, reduced from Euro 200 can still mean it's Euro 20 wasted.

Rule 4
Give yourself time to think. By all means grab exciting-looking items off the rails, but walk around the shop with them a little. After the first excitement is gone - do you still want it? If you can convince the sales assistants to put your purchase by for you - even just for an hour, even better (a good excuse is that you have to go off an use a cash machine...).

Rule 5
Never never never never buy anything without trying it on. Is that clear? And always always check the label - it might tell you something about why the item is reduced. Perhaps it is damaged, or maybe Specialised Dry Clean Only... Do you still want to buy it?

Rule 6
Have a shopping list. Perhaps it's a pair of elegant trousers that you need for work, or a classic blouse. Wardrobe staples like these are smart sales buys.

Rule 7
Don't buy something in a colour you don't wear, just because it's reduced. We've all done it - fallen in love with a top or a dress in a gorgeous colour, but haven't been able to afford it - and then found that the same dress is in the sales, but only in pea green or violent violet. If it's not your colour, it's not your dress...

Rule 8
Insider info - many stores and boutiques have mailing lists you can join which let you know when their sales are starting. Some also have special preview evenings where you can look over the sale stock before anyone else. Although be warned - these can be as packed as the first real day of the sales. Ask in shops if they have a mailing list you can join. Many have cards at the counter you can fill in.

Rule 9
Set yourself a budget. It's too easy to go a little crazy with all those reductions - don't end up going into debt by saving 50% on a few too many items!

Rule 10
Bring reinforcements. A good friend who knows you well is a great ally - if she can be relied on to give you an honest opinion on those trousers, that top... but remember, you have to be prepared to do the same for her!

PS - Sales Shopping - Online!
Online stores have their sales too - but check the rules about returns and refunds, and don't splurge on non-refundable bargains if you're not familiar with the range's sizes. A quick google search will let you know if your favourite store has an online outlet, and tell you their full web address.

Article taken from LivingOnLine.ie
great stuff Laura. I get a little crazy when "sale time" starts. I usually end up buying things I never even wear just cause I think I can't pass them up!! Gonna have to have a yard sale or something:))

Yup, i do exactly the same as you! You feel you HAVE to buy it coz its half the price even though you'll probably never end up wearing it!


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