10 Tips: Make Your Makeup Last

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Feb 12, 2005
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Keep your makeup from fading halfway through the day. You spend valuable time in the morning applying cosmetics, but by lunch, they seem to have disappeared! To make your makeup stay put, try these insider secrets.

[*]Give facial lotion 10 minutes to absorb. If you apply makeup to a just-moisturized face, it will slide right off.

[*]Apply foundation sparingly. Use a sponge or your fingers to dot it where you need coverage, then blend well. Too much makeup allows room for smearing and running.

[*]Use natural light. It will give you a clear picture of how much color you need. If you apply makeup in too-bright light, you could apply too little -- and it will appear to fade away when you step into the daylight.

[*]Set with powder. Sweep loose powder over foundation to help keep it in place.

[*]Line your lips. Lip liner gives lipstick something to cling to, making it unlikely that your color will rub off with your first sip of coffee.

[*]Don't put concealer on your eyelids. Many women prime their lids with concealer, but its creamy texture tends to make shadow crease by midday. Prep lids with loose powder instead.

[*]Go for powder products. Cream-based blush and eye shadow smears and rubs off easily; powders stay in place better.

[*]Be choosy with long-wearing products. Lipsticks and shadows formulated to be long-wearing are often dry and chalky. Test long-wearing products on your hand to determine their texture before you buy (chalkiness is not a chic makeup look).

[*]Blot away shine. Your skin's natural oils can cause makeup to run, but applying powder on top of oiliness looks cakey. Instead, use a blotting paper to dab away shine.

[*]Skip heavy eye creams. They're great for moisturizing the eye area, but under makeup, they're too greasy and they cause smearing. Use an eye gel instead.

Great tips, thanks sweetie

Originally Posted by Charmaine Great tips, Marisol! I should try waiting 10 minutes for my moisturizer to set in before putting on makeup. That's makes a lot of sense! that's what i'm doing now. 7 minutes to go...

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