10th Anti-ageing Medicine World Congress: together we have the power

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May 10, 2012
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Many great actors said that nothing could be more valuable than high grade and interest of colleagues. And they were absolutely right. We felt it after the presentation of Forlle’d technologies at the «10th Anti-ageing Medicine World Congress» in Monaco. Mazen Raydan gave a lecture about the reduction of the size of Hyaluronic acid to a nano ionized particles, globally patented Forlle’d technology. We got great response. Month left and we still receive letters from professionals. We are opened to collaboration! Reduction of vital substances to nano particles is a trend in cosmetology and cosmeceutics. It make possible to substance to penetrate in the deep layers of the skin therefore to treat inside. In experts point of view it is the future of skin care. Beyond dispute each company should be self-sufficient. But if we want the field of anti-ageing cosmetology and cosmeceutics to develop it is necessary to communicate, to share the experience with colleagues. In this sense such events like Anti-ageing Medicine World Congress are very helpful. After Monaco forum we came back full of inspiration and hope, will please you with our products! http://blog.forlled.com


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