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11 Nutrients we can't do without!

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May 13, 2005
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i found this article today and thought that it would be very helpful to my mut sisters. i, of course, am perimenopausal so i'm always looking for tips on how to keep my self regulated with diet and exercise. this way i can avoid having to take medication as i go through this "change of life". my guess is the earlier you start these regimes the better you'll be when you reach my age! i hope this helps!

1. beta carrotene - dark green & orange fruits & veggies (carrots, yams)

helps in maintaining immune function and cell growth

2. b12 - eggs, yogurt

nerve & red blood cell maintenance & dna production

3. chromium - whole grains, nuts, raisins

turns food into energy

4. vitamin K - greens, soybeans, olive oil

blood coagulation and wound healing

5. potassium - fruits, veggies (guava, kiwi)

maintains blood pressure, heart & liver function, digestion

6. magnesium - avocados, nuts, kiwi, greens

helps in energy production & biochemical reactions

7. vitamin C - okra, green bell peppers, oranges

builds collagen, bone maintenance

8. vitamin D - fish, fortified milk, natural sunlight

bone maintenance

9. folic acid/folate - greens, liver, dried beans

needed for the production of new cells!

10. zinc - chickpeas, turkey, pumpkin seeds, tofu, swiss cheese

immune function & regulates testosterone

11. vitamin E - sunflower seeds, spinach, almonds

immune system function.

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