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Feb 5, 2004
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hey guys,

I just got my lucky magazine, and you can get $15 off of $50 purchase of anything at beauty.com. Unfortunately the code doesn't work, so you have to charge up $50 first, then call the customer service # and they will credit back $15 for you. Shipping is free also. I just talked to them earlier today. I think i will be getting NARS the multiple, and a blending brush, maybe the face glow, and i want a lipstick too, but im limiting myself to only 2 items.

Let me know if anyone will be buying anything from this website. Tell me what you will be getting or if there is anything that i must have, let me know too

So i told myself i wouldnt buy anymore make up until summer, but I caved because of this deal.

I got a Nars multiple in south beath, and a nars lipgloss.. the total came out to only $40 plus free shipping and no tax!!! omg can you believe the deal??? So it's like i only paid $5 for the lip gloss. hehee

This is the look on my face when i ordered it
Now waiting for it to arrive.

Originally Posted by Jules OH this is cool!! Thanks for the tid bit!

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