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Aug 18, 2005
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What would I do without this forum!

Im so stressed and upset tonight, my heart is literally beating out of my chest. Ive just had my first row with my partner and it has knocked me out.

I am in early stages of pregnancy and am currently in UK with parents whilst he is in another Country. We have spoken on computer every day.

Today I just asked a few questions because our life is changing at that end. I just asked why he was selling the furniture in the flat and where would we get more from when we had moved, also I asked how he was going to fund the opening of his new shop.

He got real shirty and said that I dont need to ask questions and that dont I trust him. In turn I got shirty because, for goodness sake, its both of our lives and I have every right to ask simple questions. I feel he thinks that because I am pregnant and he is the man then he needs to take all the worry off me but surely we can talk!

I am REALLY pissed off and tonight thoughts are going through my head that maybe Ill end up a single mum at this rate. Im staying at my mum and dads and I cant cry even because they will start to worry and ten thousand questions will start.

We both admitted we were really angry by this converstion (for different reasons), so he said "ok speak tomorrow" and we both pressed the cut off button on the computer. Ive just sent him a "direct" but not rude text saying that I am not in the wrong here and he is very unreasonable.

I guess I am more upset because I am pregnant and maybe over-reacting but I would appreciate your comments

One very upset, getting fatter pregnant person


Aww...Lorraine, I hope you feel better.

I think you should just calm down and relax.

I could be wrong, but it seems like one of those arguments that stem out of a misunderstanding or miscommunication between the two partners, and I think once you two calm down, everything will be all right again. Then, when he is not being so defensive, you can explain to him why you asked those questions and perhaps he will understand your intentions better.

It will be alright (congrats on the baby coming by the way!) once both of you are calm and can bring this up again, don't you think? This sounds like such a stressed situation and both of you probably got a bit more upset than you meant to. Maybe talk about it once you have a relaxing cup of tea or a warm shower? I would try to keep in mind he might still be adamant about his points and do my best to compromise.


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