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Jun 17, 2004
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i just heard about http://sadiesherbalgarden.com/ which is supposed to have great stuff. one of my new faves is bathsweets: http://www.bathsweets.net/ the woman who runs it is super nice and provides great CS and fast shipping, and theyre unbelieveably inexpensive. theyre having a 25% off sale on selected items. i recommend tub truffles, which are a cocoa butter center wrapped in a bath bomb (theyre kind of small, but they scent up my entire huge tub.) the bath bombs are also great, and they come in unique scents like lychee fig, and blackberry sage. im not sure, but i think the scents are seasonal, because i last tried them in the winter, and she had scents like choco mint and buttermint. i really hope she brings buttermint back.

Thanks for the site recommendations! I'm always looking info on new Bath & Body and candle etailers.

Haven't heard of them, but would love to try sometime!

Originally Posted by shoediva Has anyone ever bought on www.SaveOnScents.com? I just bought some stuff from them and am hoping they are good.

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