2007 Emmy Fashion Arrivals

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Jan 13, 2007
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I don't see any threads for it yet so I decided to make one. If I overlooked one my bad...but um i seen eva longorio so far... her mu is on point like always lol


These stars are getting classier and classier, I'm loving most of the arrivals.
Bright colors seem to be coming back on the red carpet, aswell.

What do you think?

Becki Newton & Sara Ramirez
(Becki reminds me of Mermaid. I personally like the dress and color. Sara is such an amazing looking woman and the dress is pretty on her but that peek-a-boo hole could be done without)

Ali Larter & Kate Walsh
(Ali is absolutely stunning and her hair was perfect. As for Kate's hair... well.... her makeup was really nicely made but girl ain't getting no support for them boobies)

Heidi Klum w/ Seal & Christina Aguilera
(Dude, HOT. Heidi is an effin Goddess. Christina looks so cute - the front view of the dress is amazing. Her pink performance dress was gorgeous aswell. Xtina is doing her thing)

Sandra Oh & Jaime Pressley
(These two are the best but they surely aren't the worst. Sandra has looked a million times better and this dress is a bit boring. As for Jaime, I'm not Ga-Ga over it but it is still nice)

Julia Dreyfus & Ellen Degenerous w/ Portia Derossi
(The color she [Julia] is wearing is really pretty but I always feel like some of these ladies don't dress age appropriate. I mean, you got the body of a 20-something but that don't mean you got dress like one. The cut is lovely tho. Ellen is Ellen. Portia looks like revived a dress she wore last year... not impressed)

Eva Longoria & Mini Driver
(As much as I hate to admit, Eva looks stunning here and on TV she just glowed. Mini looks fresh and the color is really flattering on her - hair is fab)

America Ferrera & Debra Messing
(It looks a little tight fitting on America but none the less, the color and all looks great. I feel like Debra has done this type of dress a billion times over so it was a snoozer for me. The dress itself is pretty but she should've done another color or something...)

Katherine Heigl & Rebecca Romeijn w/ Jerry OConnell
(Katherine is most deff the next Charlize. And while being interviewed she admitted she's only wearing lipstick and what seem like mascara or just false lashes? I dunno but I hate her now... haha. Um, Rebecca looks nice. Ha.)

Jenna Fisher
(I gotta say, I like the way this dress was going for - the color and style is nice... but it just wasn't executed right. A little bit frumpy.)

Teri Hatcher
(It's okay. Her face has aged loads)

Felicity Huffman
(I understand that 40 is the new 30 or whatever, but sometimes I wish they [ahem, Felicity] dressed more age appropriate. The dress is great tho. I can't hate on her much...

Ellen Pompeo
(Okay, she is probably going to get a lot of flack for this. But I think Ellen totally brought it. Everything goes and if she were to have a different hairstyle, it wouldn't make the look imo)

Michelle Pfeiffer
(Bah, how old is she? Hate her... she looks stunning. If it were in color, I would say it wasn't age appropriate and all...but chea)

Marcia Cross

Vanessa Williams
(Such a pretty color and one of the prettiest dress of the night. Her hair/makeup is perfect)

Sarah Chalke
(Pretty color but she looks a bit high in her close-up photo)

Jamie-Lyn Siegler
(Ew. The dress is just odd)

Kristen Bell
(She is my personal fav of the night. Simple, colorful, age appropriate. I truly believe blondes look great in blue color - she looks gorgeous)

Jennifer Love Hewitt
(I'm just glad she don't got crazy ass hair like she's been having for some years)

Lisa Rinna
(Botox is her BFF.)

Hayden Panettiere
(Doesn't she make a cute pumpkin? Dress would've been nice if it were fitted.)

Kimora Lee Simmons
(She ain't nothing but a hoochie mama. Humbag, humbag hoochie mama. Ooops, sorry... she makes me sing 2 Live Crew outloud)

i dunno the emmy's is entertainment...but i just wanted to point out that eva looked hot lol

Originally Posted by StereoXGirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif I like a lot of them! Hayden's dress is way too poufy, though! lol. I agree...that dress looks like it should be worn by someone who is preggers.

Eva looked HOT

Hayden was weird tan like her dress and her matched. The gal from Cold Case was HOT~~

sarah r's dress looks bad on her

makes her look like she has a beerbelly

the little hole there makes everything worse too

the best of the bunch, in my opinion-

eva longoria

michelle pfeiffer

i don't know why, but none of the gowns seemed all that great to me this year.

Wow, I especially loved Heidi Klume/Seal. I like how Helen and whomever her girlfriend is coordinate their outfits!

Many of them looked stunning! I kind of wish there had been some really crazy ones in the mix though, it makes the parade a little more interesting.

Yeah a nice crop this year. What's with Christina? She actually looks great--I've never said that before about her even once.


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