27 & eyes aging already???

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Jan 1, 2008
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I'm kinda freaking out here.

I'll be 27 yrs old next month and I can already see very fine lines under my eyes. Strangely I don't care too much about that part. I also feel like the skin around my eyes is not as firm as it used to be. That's the part that bugs me!

When I was younger I had really bad allergies and would rub my eyes constantly. I also tugged at my eyes quite a bit and was never really mindful about being sensitive to the eye area. Now that I'm older I know better.

So now it seems like my eye area is not as firm and plump as it used to be. Anybody my age have this problem?? Or if your older.....at what age did this start happening to you (if it happened at all)? Any natural remedies like eating certain foods or anything that I can put under the eye to firm it up? I don't want eye cream recommendations as I already have one that I'm happy with. But I'd like to naturally firm the eye area if I can.

I should have listened to my mother who told me never to tug at my eyes!!!!

it is completely normal at this age... sometimes visible signs of aging start as early as your early twenties. at 27, most people already have some deeper expression lines... don't freak out, just invest in good eye cream, and a pair of big sunglasses
Im lucky I dont have many lines around my eyes .. maybe its genetics?

but I do have my own way & rules of face care ,maybe its working?

I only use one eye cream once a week for wrinkle prevention so far

Aging sooner then later can run in the family as well as applying foundation and concealer sticks on the lower eye area for years can also cause premature wrinkles

Rubbing them constantly all the time is bad too


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