3 Ways to Publish Your PowerPoint Presentations to Facebook

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Dec 12, 2011
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The Facebook . com is definitely presented in Feb .. 04, and moreover in recent times it turns to be most famous SNS web-site additionally the 3 rd biggest IPO Corporation. At first, only approved students, and later on, it enlarged for all those internet users. Subscribers could make customized webpages and add friends to share with you just about anything. And the open base will allow for far more apps to mix Facebook itself will probably add on any kind of functionality you would like simply with the app distributed by various other sites.

Really is exceptional that individuals may quite simply publish text messages, photographs, your preferred audio and also movies on Facebook. But if you have attempted to upload PowerPoint slideshow on Facebook, you could possibly be unhappy. As you may know, although PowerPoint is very well-liked within our everyday life, like learning instructing and also assignments, business reports and also slide shows, or perhaps family photo slide shows, yet , PowerPoint types aren't supported by Facebook. So are 3 ways to choose and post your PowerPoint slideshow on Facebook easily .

I. PowerPoint to Facebook with Slideshare


Slideshare.net has provided an application for Facebook that allows you to upload PowerPoint Facebook directly. Login Facebook, and search "Slideshare", and add it in your application area. Click "Upload" to upload your PowerPoint to Facebook. Later share and post it on the wall so that your friends will watch it. The disadvantage is that animations, transitions, music and video clips will be removed from.

Method 2: Google Docs

You may have been told that Google Docs helps you to create, view and edit your presentation in the cloud, which means that you don't have to install any software program on your computer. With Internet connection to Google Docs, you can handle these works anywhere you can. Google Docs also allow you to upload and share your presentations made in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Sign in (or sign up) to Google Docs and upload your PowerPoint file to Google Docs.

Click the triangular button of the "Share" tab on top right of the main page and choose "Share" in order to set the PowerPoint to be seen by yourself or the selected people.

Now, listen up, click "Publish/Embed" to make the presentation available to anyone on the web and Google Docs provide the embed code for you to use on your blog. Copy the URL and release on Facebook so that people could view your PowerPoint slideshow.

Method 3: Save PowerPoint as video for Facebook


The advantage of share PowerPoint on Facebook as video is that it can preserve all the original PowerPoint elements and effects including animations, transitions, embedded audio and video clips, etc. Moyea PPT to Video Converter is the best choice to convert PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPSX, etc. to popular video formats that Facebook supports.

1. Add PowerPoint files to the converter. 2. Select one output video format for Facebook, like AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, etc. 3. Start powerpoint to Facebook video conversion. The converson will take some time depending on your computer performance.

With these 3 methods, there should be no problem for you to publish your PowerPoint presentations on Facebook.


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