4 Glamourous Holiday Glosses

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Feb 12, 2005
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Four little treasures that to obsess over this holiday season:

Dior DiorLight Holiday Bright Lip Gloss: This crystal bejeweled pendant is filled with a coppery-pink gloss. It looks SO much like "the galaxy on Orion's belt" from Men In Black (remember? on the cat's collar), but I think that makes me love it more. It looks...space age.

Lancome Precious Carat Lip Gloss: We've talked about this one before, but it's definitely worth a second mention! A perfect gift, luxe stocking stuffer, or treat for yourself, this Swarovski crystal adorned lip gloss jewel is filled with a translucent, sparkly gloss.

BlingFusion Holiday LipFusion: Snap up my favorite lip plumper in limited edition Velvet, a soft, shimmery pink. The cap is glammed up with crystals! While this only costs $11 more than the original, maximize your investment when you finish the tube by cleaning the wand and using it with regular LipFusion tubes.

Yves Saint Laurent White Gold Lip Palette: This sweet, heart-shaped bauble is decorated with garnet Swarovski crystals and filled with a classic red lipstick and a sheer, shimmering gloss to top it off. There's even an applicator hidden in the top ring! Rather than wear this around my neck (cheesy, methinks) I'd loop it around the handle of a purse.



Those glosses look like fun. I don't wear or use lip fusion, but I like the look of that one the best.

soooooooooo cute