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Sep 1, 2007
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OK as somebody on a budget who needs to build up a wardrobe. What are the 5-10 most versatile items in your wardrobe. Those things you just always seem to have a reason to wear. I have a lot of shopping ahead of me and I figure this is a good way to gauge the most necessary things to start with.

1. A great fitting LBD..Little Black Dress

2. Bootcut dark denim jeans. They can be dressed up or down.

3. Bootcut Black Trousers...for work or other occasions.

4. A cute structured jacket to wear with jeans, skirts or over dresses.

5. Tailored White Button down shirt. Can be layered under jackets, sweaters, dresses etc.

6. Both black and brown boots

7. Black Pencil Skirt

8. Silky Cami in a nice color, can be worn with jeans, under the jacket, with skirt etc.

9. Pretty Cardigan

10. Dark Denim Jacket

I agree with BeneBaby on the LBD... but personally I detest women's jeans....
If I'm going to wear jeans might as well stay in drab..... IMHO

for me add....

Leather skirt and matching jacket (on clerence of coarse...)

black Skirt

knit top, usually long sleves for obvious reasons...

pair of black pumps

pair of boots (match leather skirt and jacket)

skirt suit (skirt, jacket and dress slacks)



Thanks for the great help. It sets up a very nice shopping list. I don't think I have to worry too much about career clothing, but out of both of those lists I have the LBD and a decent pair of black pumps. Looks like a lot of shopping in my future. Anybody else? What are your 5-10 essentials?

1. A little black dress

2. A summery dress for daytime (can also be layered or warn with jeans for a funky look)

3. A neutral pencil skirt

4. A black fitted blazer

5. A pair of dark wash straight legged jeans

6. A pair of neutral dress trousers (I like wide-legged)

7. A dressy camisol or silk top

8. 2 trenchcoats (one neutral, one colorful for fun...like hot pink or red)

9. A great pair of heels and a pair of flats

10.A white button up shirt (can be dressed up or down)

I agree with a lot of what Amanda (BeneBaby) said.

Jeans for sure as well. This thread is really helpful. Thanks to those who have posted

ive noticed since i moved out of my parents house and have had no money really (cause what i do get is mostly spent on makeup) that i keep buying plain solid colors now.

works out great, cause i keep mixing and matching and it always looks nice and well put together.

A good pair of darker skinny jeans,

a pair of easy-to-match with flats

leggings, in different colors