5 Beauty Resolutions to Make 2005

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Jun 13, 2004
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<TABLE class=blockbody2 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=10 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=blocktext>5 Beauty Resolutions to Make 2005 a Beauty-Licious Year

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</TD><TD width=10> </TD><TD class=blocktext style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify" vAlign=top>It’s that time of year when everyone usually makes resolutions to lose weight, get more organized, make career changes and set financial goals. But what are you doing for your Beauty Resolutions?</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD class=blocktext style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">

Top Celebrity and Beauty Makeup Artist Elke Von Freudenberg gives you her top organizational steps that you can do to insure a beautiful start to your New Year’s beauty routine.

Beauty Resolution # 1: Time for a re-organization. Most beauty purchases are for things we think we don’t have, only to find out we actually have it. Back in the back of the drawer that is. Take inventory. Divide all your cosmetics into 4 categories: lips, eyes, cheeks and face. Put each cosmetic in it’s category into a pull-out drawer, baskets, etc. to separate. Now you can see exactly what you have and what you need.

Beauty Resolution # 2: Buy only what you need. Take organization one step further. Take each cosmetic category, (lips, eyes, cheeks, and face) and organize by color. From light to dark. Line them up from one end of the color spectrum to the other. Line up all your pink lipsticks, from light to dark, all your reds, etc. Now you can see what colors you buy like crazy and what’s missing.

Beauty Resolution # 3: Never throw out colors you don’t use. Why you ask? Because it can always be used for something else. I’m always using makeup for what it’s not for. A too-bright blush? Dot on lips and add lip gloss for a new lipstick. Outdated shimmer powders and eye shadows bring new life to a too dark lipstick when added on top to lighten up. Old mascara wands that have been cleaned are great eyebrow groomers. Too dark foundation? It’s this summer’s face & body bronzer when mixed with moisturizer. Beauty Resolution # 4: Take stock of your makeup brushes Just like with your makeup, do a inventory of what makeup brushes you have. Organize brushes into features: concealer/foundation, cheeks, eyes and lips. What’s missing? That’s the brush you need to buy. Beauty Resolution # 5: Make this your ultimate makeup trick. Trick of the trade? Resolve to apply your makeup by this golden rule. Never repeat a color in your cosmetics that is a skin color you need to cover up. Too much pink in your skin? Stay from pink and red tones in your blush and lipstick. Are you too blue or gray under your eyes? Stay away from gray, blue, and mauve eye shadows and liners. Too many freckles? Brown bronzers and eye shadows can actually make freckles look darker. It’s like wearing a red dress with sunburn, it makes it look worse, not better!



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These are all very practical for me. I need to downsize more, but am really trying to stick to #2 the most.

I've thought I was organizing as I've been going through my stuff to review but I haven't done it by product and colors. I this idea and it should be fun. I know that I need to commit to do #2 but it's too hard. lol


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