5-Year-Old Delivers His Own Sister

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Dec 9, 2006
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In general, 5-year-olds aren't renowned for their help in crisis situations. If you have a scrape on your knee, a kindergartener may be able to give you a Band-Aid to cover it up – but that's about the extent of it. Except if that kindergartener is John John Bandieros of Elk Grove, California.
Last week, John John was alone with his pregnant mother, Christina, went she went into labor. Though Christina called an ambulance to take her to the hospital, she knew the baby wasn't going to wait that long. It was up to John John to help deliver his own sister.
Luckily, the precocious child came through for his mom. He followed his mother's instructions perfectly, bringing her a stack of blankets to lie on while he guided the baby out. When his sister was born, he tied a shoelace around her umbilical cord so that she could breathe on her own. When the ambulance finally arrived, John John led the EMT officials up to the bedroom, where his mother was holding the healthy newborn in her arms.
"I wasn't scared," John John told KCRA/NBC News in California. "I think that she was beautiful."
And she'll make a pretty cool story for show-and-tell, too.
Oh that's so sweet! It reminds me of a story I heard on Oprah a while back. Great kid

Now thats sweet. Im surprised he actually went through it. Not all 5 year olds will help deliver a baby.