50 Cent Weighs In as Kanye West Gets Emmy Gig

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Jan 3, 2006
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50 Cent is singing the praises of Britney Spears and saying Kayne West's outburst about the pop star opening the Video Music Awards Sunday was unwarranted.

"He was upset," 50 Cent told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday, referring to West's backstage meltdown. "He's not used to not being recognized. Period."

West, however, will be recognized in one unlikely place – Seacrest announced Wednesday that Kanye will perform at Sunday night's Emmy Awards.

As for 50 and Kanye, both rappers appeared on BET's 106 and Park on Tuesday, and West said he wished he could have opened the VMAs. "It was always my dream to open the award shows with 'Stronger', and they talked me into doing the suite thing," he said. "Then when they had Britney open, I said, 'How are you going to have Britney open? Because she's not ready'."

But according to 50 Cent, West was out of line. "He expressed that he felt that Britney shouldn't be actually opening the show – almost like he forgot that Britney Spears sold 50 million records. She did," the rapper told Seacrest. "He is not thinking about her full body of work. She deserved to headline the show better than anybody else that was on it – even in the state that she is in."

Asked if he thinks West will go through with his threatened boycott of MTV, 50 Cent answered: "I don't think he can. I don't think it's possible. I think he [got] carried away in the moment. MTV doesn't need him."

After the two of them appeared together and looking friendly on BET, later that day West bailed on a scheduled TRL appearance. "He's nervous," 50 Cent joked on TRL, making light of West's cancellation. He added: "You think he had a problem with MTV? Nah. He knew he had to be here today ... He was like, 'You don't want to give me no trophies? Okay, I quit.'"

West also pulled out of a scheduled appearance on the Today show, according to the New York Post's Page Six.

A rep for West told the Post, "It was a creative decision. There were problems ... Kanye wanted to do things a certain way with an elaborate light show and he would have had to move indoors for that ... He was very contrite."


Okay, I agreed with Kanye for the first time ever when he said MTV exploited Britney. Now another first: I agree with 50. The way Kanye put it was as if Britney didn't deserve to open, which I think she did, even if she messed it up. 50 million records is a lot.

The feud between these two is ridiculous. Although 50 Cent makes a lot of good points and sounds more reasonable than Kanye (because of his outbursts when he doesn't win), he's still taking jabs at Kanye.

Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif Kanye is an ass. He is sooo conceited and all he does is complain. ITA! Although i love his songs, he's a male bithc
Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif Kanye is an ass. He is sooo conceited and all he does is complain. Yup yup! Who likes a cry baby? I can't even stand when my bf gets whiney, why do I want to listen to a whiney celebrity?? If he wants to get more recognition he needs to work harder and gain respect at MTV and with fans. Britney was MTV's IT girl for years and I'm sure TONS of other artists would have loved to open the VMA's as well, damn I'm sure tons would have loved to play the show period!
I think its a staged feud,they will both sell a ton of cd's by doing that


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