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Apr 27, 2006
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I'm so upset right now, im currently in sociology at school and ive been waiting until i can switch to psychology. but at ConU you have to wait until you have 24 credits before you can apply to psychology. i have 12 and im in the process of completing my 24, and i cant switch yet.

im sorry to anyone who is in sociology but to me its a waste of my life. its so rediculus and the only reason i got in to it is because i thought it might be useful in the meantime( i wasnt accepted into psych initially because i was ill in college and my marks weren't good enough for it but they told me after a year id be able to apply) the problem is, is that im stuck wasting my life in this useless program.

The academic ad visor i spoke to was the biggest ***** EVER. I began really nicely and she asked what my gpa was i told her twice it is a 3.2 (the min is a 2.5) and she tells me in this condescending voice that "sorry a 2.2 wont get you anywhere". After i clear that up, she just isn't telling me anything i need to know. She says the Psych department people are the ones that you need to talk to but they don't deal with anyone outside of their program. So i'm like there is no one else that i can speak with? "uh, no" awkward pause. me "then what do i do" ( she IS the advisor) she proceeds to put me on hold, almost without telling me, comes back after forever and sighs and tells me that i cant yet because they only get my marks in January. So i said oh? that late (why? because i got my marks after only a few weeks last yr.) and she tells me (like i don't know) that the uni is closed for holidays and what do i expect. Anyways, finding out i have to waste another year of my life and the fact that that info was delivered by this ***** has just really upset me.

I can't explain how useless this stuff is, marx and kant...i don't need it, its not me,i know its the rules and what not, but I've wasted enough time, time that is non-transferable. i wish there was another way, i know they make exceptions for people i just wish i could be that person, i know im capable of great things in this program, i just need the bloody chance. It's so hard to keep your marks high when your doing things you dislike and don't understand, especially when you have the option of doing otherwise. Sorry for the rant, its just i was so looking forward to changing my major, because i missunderstood tat i would be allowed to. i don't know what im going to do i can't stop crying i feel so usless, and the transfer was something to work for, now, i feel like there is nothing to work for, i cant even switch untill fall anyway, a year from now....

Boo! I am sorry this happened to you. I really hope things start looking up. If it makes you feel any better, I paid $20,000 for a Bachelor's of Science that I have had for 3 years and I am not doing anything with it!

boo. hiss. sorry you aren't getting any help from the so called advisor. They make things so difficult. Can't offer any advice but hugs to you.


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