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6 piece sampler kit for $1 at Joppa

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Lacquer Lackey
Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
6 piece sampler kit at Joppa Minerals for $1 plus shipping. Limit one per customer, expires Nov 5. You get:

2 - Foundations (Your Choice)
1 - Finishing Silk (Your Choice)
2 - Blush/Bronzers (Your Choice)
1 - Concealer (Your Choice)

This seems like a great deal, but unfortunately, shipping is showing up as $5.50 for me.

It didn't go away even when I got to the last stage, just before check out. >: Maybe they're still trying to work out those kinks.

Ohhhhh it says: "Try Our 6pc Sampler ONLY $1.00 plus shipping" So it's $1 + the $5.50 shipping then. If that's the case then I might hold off for now. Thanks for sharing though!


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