8 (Cheap!) Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

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Feb 12, 2005
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From munching on frozen grapes to dipping in the kiddie pool, learn 8 refreshing ways to keep cooler this summer -- from iVillage women just like you.

First, take the advice of Tracey McBride, author of Frugal Luxuries, who says the most soothing summer treat is eating outside. "If necessary, move your regular dinner hour so you may capture the cooler twilight temperatures while eating. Light a few citronella candles to set upon the dinner table (these add a bit of light as well as keep pesky mosquitoes at bay). Serve cooling foods such as large chef salads in chilled bowls, simple sandwiches, cooled chunks of fresh melons, along with fresh slices of tomatoes and cucumbers," Tracey says.

"Simple meals such as these, enjoyed in the cooling breezes of dusk, allow you to make the best of summers' dog days and add an intangible air of festivity and romance to what may otherwise have been lackluster dining."

Enjoy the breeze under an outdoor fan: My favorite way to keep cool is sit on my outdoor porch under a great ceiling fan. Not only does the ceiling fan circulate the air and make the skin feel cooler, but it's also a great insect deterrent! --iVillager Leslie

Take a dip in the kiddie pool: Fill a small backyard baby pool (or tub of some kind) with cold, fresh water, sit in a lawn chair and plunge your feet and legs into the pool for an instant cool-down! A neighbor of mine actually puts his kiddie pool under a shady tree in his front yard and blissfully cools off after work all by himself! --iVillager joyfaith

Soak a bandana in cold water -- then wear it: My husband and I wear these while working in the garden. garden It's not such a great idea on a nice hair day, but it works for those really hot days when you're doing lawn and garden work. --iVillager Brenda

Make cold water balloons: We had a water balloon fight at a family reunion. It was a blast and very refreshing. --iVillager Karen

Freeze small water bottles: Frozen water bottles are my cure-all. As they melt, you have cool water to drink. The bottles will also cool off your pulse points. You can rub them on your inner wrists, behind your knees and the back of your neck. --iVillager r2935

Eat frozen grapes: Buy a bunch of seedless grapes. Put them in the freezer. They make a good frozen treat, they're healthy and kids love them! --iVillager Sunny

Let the kids play in the sprinkler: When it's really hot, we turn on the yard sprinkler and let the kids play chase with the stream of water. There's only one thing better than the sound of tree frogs and cicadas in the summer air -- the squeals of delight from happy children. --iVillager Leslie


Thanks for posting! The wet bandana trick is great for doggies that need some relief from the heat too.

Great tips..the kids and I have been fully enjoying our "kiddie" pool, running through the sprinklers and eating a lot of cold grapes and watermelon.


Originally Posted by Liz mmm. the frozen grapes sound good! I prefer to eat them this way too! Its a treat.
Great idea's Marisol!...i especially loved the one with the frozen grapes....they sound D E L I C I O U S!

I think i will try to eat a nice healthy picnic outside in the sun.

I will definatley freeze some small water bottles for going to the gym! Great Idea!!


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