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Dec 4, 2007
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

My name is Mazz and I am a Freelance artist for M.A.C. I am also an active Mom of four who enjoys of all things pin up artistry and skating Rollerderby....

I have been a makeup artist for MAC a little over a year and I must say I love it. I am also a licensed Aesthetician and love talking products...I am also interested in helping people put their best face forward. With my daughters, I am an advocate mother who still believes in bringing a young lady to a makeup counter for advice rather than setting her loose in Walmart!

I love making new friends and am very interested in trends throughout the US and world...

Gimme a holler once and a while...

Mazz in Az

Thanks ladies....I appreciate such a warm welcome!! Happy Hanukkah to all of those celebrating....


Hi Mazz and welcome to mut! We have lots and lots of MAC fans here!


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