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Sep 14, 2011
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(I took the below from my blog post about this)

So as you can see, it came with a lot for $10.  I was wondering what the catch was.  Well, there is one I found when I opened it.  But just one, and you really can look at it 2 ways and it can be bad or good!  The shadows and powders are all in soft plastic packaging, the disposable kind, definitely not like the regular hard packaging and not for safe keeping.  (especially because i’ve ruined these same things even in the regular packaging!)  so thats a catch.  But, you spent $10 and got all of those items, and the case.  Also, you can depot them really easily this way.  No fuss.  So you can look at it positive, negative, or neutral.  

The case isn’t anything special, it’s a bit un trustworthy I’d say but all in all for the money you’re paying for everything it’s good, just not too sturdy.  It holds a lot though, and locks and transports well.

It also came with this inside:

It came with this:

I'm going to be putting some in a giveaway so I didn't swatch it all.  But its a good deal despite the mini sizes/odd packagaing. 

I got this from Target, $20 total.

I found this for $1.50, my first time trying the brand and it seems to be of good quality.

Then I found these on clearance so I can finally try this brand of them

Then I got my Birchbox.

And first Fyrinnae order:

And lastly, my first dermstore order.  $30 for the following (and fresshipping)

Great hauls! You got some really pretty products! Thanks for sharing all your pics!

YaY! Love your haul!!! It's ashame with the WNW set but I would still buy it! I love me some Sonia Kashuk brushes!!

Thanks for sharing all your lovely make-up.

Thanks guys!  I'm waiting on some other packages so once I receive those I'll make another post/update this.  I buy a lot but I also giveaway a lot + I'm a super good shopper I will admit.  ;) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> 

I tried the Sally hansen strips and they're by far the best strips out of all of the muiltiple brands I've tried so far.  So easy and fast and great.  Definitely re buying!

That Raw Minerals I got for free, it says worth $25 on the box so I wonder why they were giving it for free lol.  I'm putting it in my next giveaway though.

I've been using the smartlash and so we'll see how that goes!

I just ordered a bunch of pigment samples from fyrinnae again
 but I didn't spend more than $25 and I love my pigments!

Hope all you beauties are having a lovely day.


Originally Posted by GirlyEnthusiast /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Great haul!! that pink WNW lipstick is gorgeous. That shade is it? 

 I think you meant what shade is it? :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I took pictures of the bottoms if that'd help.  I'm not too familar with lipsticks & all besides MAC's but I assume that'd be the way to tell you!

I didn't see any other info about the shades but I can double check for you.

At CVS the Sally Hansen strips were buy one get one half off so I picked up 3 (one for my sis for her birthday today) and I'm super excited for them, I really am impressed and loving them so much more than the other kinsd I've tried.  I've had to resist putting more on since I'm going for a manicure today for her birthday

  And I still have th teal ones.  I realized why they were on clearance though, the top color (just one strip though) was way off color, totally faded.  They're not light pink they're hot neon pink lol.  Still worth the half off price though since it only effected one.

Originally Posted by melissaphora /img/forum/go_quote.gif

 I think you meant what shade is it? :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I took pictures of the bottoms if that'd help.  I'm not too familar with lipsticks & all besides MAC's but I assume that'd be the way to tell you!

I didn't see any other info about the shades but I can double check for you.
Haha yeah, oops, I did mean to ask "what" shade is it. Thanks!

You're welcome!

I've still got things coming in the mail...I've been bad (good haha) lately buying a lot online but I'm a good shopper so that helps hah.

Here are some things I've gotten since.

Still waiting on more oh my.

I bought this when I got the Wet N Wild traincase actually but I don't think I posted.  I put it on my camera lol.

I bought a few things from the Spa we went to for my sister's birthday.  An OPI set.

I love the lip gloss which is odd since I'm definitely a lipstick person.

It has two applicators, one on each side. 

It also came with this nail polish:

I don't have a swatch for it since I just got a manicure but I had the girl swatch it on herself for me and it was pretty.

Then I got this eye shadow trio I kept eyeing.

I also got my glam bag, but I don't have a picture of all the items, only seperately so I'm gonna skip that for now.

I got my first beauty army, here are the samples I picked. 

And my sephora order came in; some of it is for my mom.

Hi girls/guys.  :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />  Thought I'd up date.

I'm on a .....low buy.  Haha. 

But I just placed this order with Too Faced for the sale, I bought the following except replace the bag at the top with a mood swing lip gloss.  I actually already own that bag, and its awesome.  Sturdy, cute, good size.  I love it, thats why I was gonna  get another, but I decided to get the lip gloss because I had gotten one for my mom a bit back and now I want one for myself!

:) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

So I'm excited for that.

I'm expecting a stila order from haute look in about a week.  Also my birchbox and beauty army.

And here are the items I've bought since I've been back around this thread.  I just bought (with my own money, go me, mom!) a small drugstore haul.

Been wanting to try these.

There was a $1 coupon next to them.

I have some redness and I've been wondering if one of these would actually woek.

It does, I did a side by side picture.

It was buy one get one free so I got my second one of these:


I've been wanting to try the Revlon Lip Butter's and It was $3 off so I got one finally.

I like it a lot so far.  A nice alternative sometiems to my MAC lippys.

Some of the things above from previous hauls are going to be in my giveaway starting next week- heads up.

Then my mom bought me a couple of things I needed.

My favorite anti EVER.  Love this so much, can only find it at one place.

I want to start taking care of my cuticles and hang nails because for some reason my hang nails grow in just as my nails..my cuticles aren't too bad.  But I want to really take care of them so I got these and so far they're working great.

Great investment.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Cream.

They;re a lot easier to use than I thought.

Sephora sent me free stuff!

For partcipating in the live skin care talk w/dennis gross and ole henrikson

I was very surprised to receive it. 

Came with:

Then I got this, but have had no luck with it so far :/

Well I have gotten quite a bit since I've last posted!  I'll keep it to as much as a minimum as possible but if anyone would like anymore pictures/information/anything just let me know!

At TJMaxx I scored another Shady Lady Palette for $12.  And a set of their Hot Ticket polishes (5) for $10.

Now I just need the Vol. 3.

I've gotten both 1 & 2 Volumes for less than $25.  I feel so bad for people that have paid full price!  Not that it isn't worth it haha.  :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

The red and greens are both pretty true red and greens, but chip easy.  The dodged a bullet is very nice and stays well.  Same with Goldfinger and it compliments my skin tone.  I really like disco ball too and it stays well.

I have also received my March Birchbox, My Glam, and Beauty Army bags/boxs.  Most of you are probably aware of what those have contained but I'll do a quick run through.

Beauty army I don't have pics up for yet..but mostly skincare items this time.  eye cream, shimmer, couple redness reducers, a dupe of the facial cleansing oil I got last month because I loved it, and a dry shampoo I've been dying to try.


One of my favorite's to date for sure.

Also came with oil blotting papers, one of my fav pony tails, fragrance sample,  and this nail polish:

Was not impressed w/my glam much this time around..not going to post pictures but cute bag..

A Too Faced order from their vintage sale:

totally worth it except the busted duo it came with..otherwise loving everything.

I got the Urban Bride kit off UD since it was so on sale plus they had the sale.

Completely worth it!

I ordered off Haute Look a bit back..Stila, my mom a lipgloss (never got a pic), a palette (they refunded me and gave me credits on HL because they didn't have enough to ship me one) and then a palette.  I've been wanting one so I took up the good deal.  I also got one to go with it.  The pic I have will be further explained lol.  I like it though, sturdy, pretty, nice, big mirror, decent brush.

I made my first order from all cosmetics wholesale earlier in the month.  definitely impressed with them.  will be ordering again.  i got the following for less than $40.


I didn't know the stila duos didn't fit in the pans :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />  but its okay- i bought a z palette.   i got super great deals on all of these items, and they were all in good if not perfect condition.

Lastly, I placed a $25 order w/e.l.f. to get the 6 free mineral brushes, so I got a big haul from there.  I'm just now getting all the pictures ready so I don't have those up yet but I have quite a bit from there.

I can't think of anything else I've gotten since but if I do I'll add it in.  I started buying more makeup- to cope (knowingly/willingly) but now I'm doing better and I'm saving money to go to London so I'm going to only be getting my monthly subs, and one or two orders every 2 weeks.  Which is fine by me.  I'm just a sucker for sales.  :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Oh!  I got Young Punk and Blue Flame from MAC!

I totally forgot until just now.  :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Love them so much.

Here are swatches:

How could I have almost forgotten to show you those beauties!!



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